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Ideal and struggle
Life is like a sailing boat in the rapids, there will be a struggle, in order to overcome the current struggle, and “ torrent ” represents the ideal. There are more or less ideals in one’s life. As a teenager, the ideal is Study hard, was admitted to a good university; to the young people, the ideal is to find a good job; in the middle, people’s ideal is to want to make their work more well, strive for further improvement; late in life, people’s ideal just want to makeScarpe HoganTheir Oakley sunglasses discount military can ease the old age. Behind these ideals, there are people’s struggles, people’s efforts, people’s hardships. With the ideal will struggle. Hard work is the only way to the ideal, and the struggle is the necessary condition to the ideal. Struggle can enrich. In our lives, most probably just struggle! When you study, you have to fight for it. When you work, you have to strive for … … if life is short of struggle, it is like a gem that has lost its luster. To strive for the value of life, to be confident, to enrich oneself. Ideal is the end of life. People have different ideals at different stages, and there are only one of them. Everyone in the world has an ideal, and the ideal goal is to make themselves better and set a goal. For the sake of the ideal and struggle, because struggle and produce the ideal. Ideal as a lamp, illuminate my future; ideal, such as water, see the direction of hard work; ideal as the road, leading me to the peak of life. Struggle, such as tea, ideal, such as cups, the two are indispensable, can only exist. Ideal for the direction of the struggle, and Fen Oakley sunglass case laid the foundation for the ideal. Only by working hard, and constantly learning, so that they become full, to the door of the ideal. Struggle and ideal complement each other. Only by mastering the rudder of life, can we advance to the turbulent current, and strive to overcome the current. Only unremitting efforts and struggle, in order to overcome the rapids of life, to find the ideal path, the ideal of the door to find their own struggle to get the fruit. Ideal and struggle