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When the teacher is not in time
Remember the day of this semester, English teacher and teacher for science courses, but the science teacher went something, the classroom began a thrilling “ ” performance. “ well, the teacher did not come yesterday? ” “ may forget it “! ” no, it must be a meeting! “ no, must be playing computer did not play enough! “ biechao, this is a good chance for us. ’ noise suddenly in the class are going to lift the ceiling upside down. Then Hu Changtao suddenly stood, said: &rdquooakley Holbrook; teacher seems to be right back right away! “ bite, a second class of people all hands on the desk, smile is also take back. Then Xia Yunlong studied Teacher Wang said, dictation preparation, the first word. Some students also really take a listen to the new year, Mao shouted: “don’t be fooled, the teacher did not come, the class is all in the eyes immediately they cast aside, we continue to show Oakley sport sunglasses. “ ha ha, then you look at Xiao Liu, but also in the dance Mike dance, we served you. Space steps and other difficult movements, he is doing intermittent, in his mouth also issued from time to time he did not understand, we do not understand English, jump than write homework are invested. The rest of the students still immersed in Wang said: “ dictation book preparation, the first word ““ students with a variety of dialects, the most funny is that: &rd with little sissyHogan sandaliQuo; dictation preparation; let’ go! “ the class is one of the small immediately set the whole room roaring with laughter at the protagonist. His place is bad, and others said, a sudden increase in tone, always make people scared to death, his mantra is: “ really, you really are, you are! ” girls, so do not open like a boy, the most outrageous is lower and a few girls read comic books, it is also a smile, sitting on the seat to do their own thing, this class is our most naughty, the most happy day. Hey, playing tired ah! When the teacher is not in the ‘

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0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; read Mr. Liang Qichao’s “dedication and music industry”, the life I was lost in thought.

Human life is very short, some people wasted their time, some people have had a very full.
This is because the former unemployed, while the latter has caused the industry.
Although we now learn bitter, but compared to those who are unemployed are not happy with?
After all, we have the industry 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; academic people.
And an industry that door industry is a vital life.
Only treat these doors, in order to make a success, to make our life more beautiful and colorful!

So What Makes it kind to this door industry, which naturally made by Mr. Liang Qichao and dedication, and enjoy two words linked up.

When people have a job, the most basic is the dedication of the.
Dedication has two meanings: First, respect the work they are engaged and proud; the second is to delve into discussions strive for excellence.
We treat our school should be like this, because we learn, we learn, we should be proud, and we should delve into the spirit.
This process is a happy, proud, of course, some people will say that is bitter.
However, the issue of the day in school achievement does not oakley restless sunglasses hardships?
Precisely this is the most painful of life.
Because they are on the surface it looks very happy, but the heart is suffering oakley sunglasses military, which those who respect the cause just the opposite.

Of course not need to work, but also to the music industry.
Because 0026 ldquo; cite is the best teacher 0026 rdquo ;, as Confucius said: 0026 ldquo; Those who know not as good, good and those who not the music.
0026 Rdquo; only love it, can we do better this cause.
So we do not always think bitter is difficult to learn, because it will make us more laborious study but no good results, we are dissatisfied with emotions.

Finally, I would like to borrow the “dedication and enjoy” the sentence to the end: 0026 ldquo; dedicated industry 0026 rdquo; words, is the only way of human life.