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Egg into prison”
“ &rdquo, r-r-ring; the crisp bell rang, the teacher took the egg and two set of cylinders to shine with happiness into the classroom. The students are talking, hey &ldquo! Why did the teacher take two eggs? Can’t you give us something to eat? ” students in the following discussion, whispering in the classroom soon raged. The teacher said to us, “&ldquo, we are going to do an experiment today.”. ” we looked puzzled at the teacher, the head “ squeeze ” full of small question mark. The teacher put the egg peel the skin, white and tender protein, people saw “ slobber DC three thousand feet ”! The teacher put the eggs into the collecting bottle. We asked: “ do you think egg will drop to the bottom of the bottle? ” “ cut! How could it be! So small bottle can’t hold such a heavy egg! The teacher is not wake up! Or else the eggs! ” a few students said decisively. The teacher obviously disagreed with them. “ is it necessary to use fire? ” Yu Mengying said. The teacher didn’t say anythingScarpe HoganI smiled at her. “ the time has come to witness the miracle! ” voice just fell, the teacher took out a box of matches. Wow! Everything is ready except one crucial element! Really is Yu Mengying hit a “ a ”. The teacher quickly lit a match, put it in the jar, and then put the egg in the bottle, the match off gradually, the egg also slipped down, he was kept in prison for &rdquo “. Wow! Students like one to see treasure as staring at the eggs, surprised. How could this be? The teacher made second experiments, the results of the same as a Oakley sunglasses uk. The teacher told us that we know just have a lot of oxygen and pressure in the bottle, no matter how to press all down, put a match in 1\/5, consumption of oxygen, leading to the outside atmospheric pressure than the air pressure inside the bottle, so the egg on their own down. There are many secrets in life, only careful observation, buy Oakley sunglasses online to ascertain the secret secret! Egg into prison”

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ray of sunshine poked his head out the window and gently told me that a new day begins .
Sunday is the most fun thing I read today was the turn of spiritual food ” Insect ” the.

Into the ” Insect ” as if into a magical world of insects interesting , imaginative architects have termites, killing oakley glasses beautiful hand mantis , stick insect camouflage home 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; one of the singer 0026 mdash; cicada deeply
attracted me, when the sun baked the earth was burning almost melted oakley sunglasses uk , only cicadas are still on the branches sang 0026 ldquo; cicadas 0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; cicadas 0026 rdquo ;.
People often think of singing cicadas companion to call , but the French entomologist Fabre After several observations, found several cicadas only together, they are still singing loudly .
Then Fabre mind flashed an idea : do not be no hearing cicadas sing all day , right ?
In order to prove his ideas, Fabre with two shotgun while shooting , deafening gunfire even he stuffed his ears, a few steps away in the slightest movement no cicadas , oakley twenty sunglasses like nothing ever
In this way, the original one day cicada Fabre proved deaf students .
But people why it is not easy to catch cicadas ?
Because no hearing cicadas , has a well-developed vision.

In our daily life, if you can develop good habits and more careful observation of everything , then you will find that before the end of some of these new things .
Let us find scientists feel it , please you and I went into the ” Insect .”

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