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Unforgettable first time
A piece of memorable and interesting events, like a gold crystal shell, unlimited attractive, let me forget. Among them, one of the most memorable, that is, — — “ first climbing ”. It is a sunny morning, my mom and dad came to the pond at the foot of the mountain in the best of spirits. At first, I was excited, singing, while climbing. Followed by his father, like a lively little monkey in the non-stop jump. I strode up the stairs, and the flowers were smiling in the wind as if to welcome us. But haven’t climbed halfway up the mountain, I have to catch my breath, my tired body trembling, his face covered with tears rolling down from his face, I worry about the face, while climbing, side whispered sigh, at first the firm gradually disappeared, I want to know: so high, will not come. At first, but then a firm tone, how do I &helloakley julietip; … my father seemed to see my thoughts, then, said: “ daughter ah, no matter what you do, don’t give up halfway, you should, even if the failure, get inspiration from which, after all, failure is the mother of success, as long as you have in yourself confidence, you will succeed. If you do this, then all the things you do before you are in vainScarpe HoganGo, will find an unprecedented landscape. ” listen to the words of my father, I feel very sorry. You’re right´╝ü I should have confidence in myself, I nodded. So, just a little discouraged to restore a firm. I like the first climb up, climbing, finally reached the top of the hill, on the top of the hill, looking down at the people climb to the top of the mountain, like a swarm of ants. A car is like a matchbox. I am proud to climb up the mountain. I finally feel “ you would be extremely Ling, list of small hills ” beauty! From the mountain, I understand: no matter what, don’t give up halfway; at the same time also understand “ nothing is difficult, as long as willing to climb ” the Oakley probation sunglasses. So, in later life, I will be brave enough to climb every mountain difficult peak, the beauty of different reading! Unforgettable first time