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Outlaws of the marsh
“The Water Margin” is a very classic Chinese masterpiece, and “a dream of Red Mansions”, “Three Kingdoms”, “journey to the west”, known as the &quot " four. China masterpiece; “the Water Margin” is a true description of the Song Dynasty peasant uprising, the whole process of development and failure, exposed feudalHogan 2016 uomoThe social darkness and corruption, and the ruling class of sin. It with outstanding artistic description means, reveals the peasant uprising Chinese in feudal society, some essential aspects of development and failure process, illustrate the root cause of the peasant uprising is " &quot. One hundred and eight water margin misgovernment makes the people rebel; characters, to my memory the most impressive is the &quot Oakley sunglasses accessories; Chi Wu and multistar " " Lu Zhishen &quot spent days star monk;." mastermind Wu " several suggestions: for Wu Chao Gai help circumvent birthday classes, use wine poured Ma Qing mianshou Yang Zhi, took Beijing damingfu Liang Zhongshu Taishi CAI to celebrate the birthday of Song Jiang in one hundred thousand through gold and silver jewelry; Xunyang Lou read anti poetry caught, and Dai Zong together was taken to his death, fast cut, Wu by Rob Fachang, saved Song Jiang, Dai Zong; Song Jiang two to play Jia Zhuang failed; the third against ZHUJIAZHUANG, with double palm lianhuanji Wu. Song Jiang had to overcome ZHUJIAZHUANG, Wu and Su Qiu bell hanging from meter, rescued nine dragons in the history of life. Lu Zhishen, and repeated military exploits. Qimou, receive amnesty called Wu Shengjun bearing Song Jiang Li Kui announced that, after his death, Wu and Huarong together in Song Jiang grave hanging together with Song Jiangzang. Dutch act, is a true mastermind " " " day! Star flowers monk Lu Zhishen " is a very direct, violent fire, but chivalrous tenderness, but he is killed save the poor people out of a man, a hero. He often in front of people showed a rude and barbaric. He arrived when not charge into the enemy ranks, waving a 62 pound staff battle the enemy. Reading this book, I understand the Chinese ancient history of Water Margin The rebellious spirit of the heroes and the corruption of the feudal society. This is indeed a very interesting book. Oakley sunglasses models

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read “Reading Mo put stumbling block” felt

A few days ago I learned of a text , called : “Reading Mo put the stumbling block ,” which is self- text article content is :

When reading vocabulary students encounter is 0026 ldoakley clip on sunglassesquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo ;, some trouble or anxious to know the following, they do not look up , leading to some easy to read the wrong pronunciation and meaning of the word is very
easily misunderstood , if some people would like to read a sad heart, it would be wrong, then again , this time you encounter a stumbling block detour , maybe next time reading, it ran over the road stopped it !

We want to develop good study habits , when reading a dictionary around the place , met 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; will find it help ; You can also write down the book on their own pronunciation and meaning of new words , if you want to read in one breath
down, you can first use a pen to circle down vocabulary , reading , etc. , and again looking from the dictionary.

Strong word to remember , it must frequently look up , someone said : 0026 ldquoil rig oakley sunglasseso; encounter new words , then look up , over a period of time has blurred the memory , then go to the dictionary , so repeatedly , and finally remember
live 0026 quot ;.
So wash dictionary is sweeping 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; most kids oakley sunglasses good way.

I think : When we read, put around a dictionary is good, encountered a 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; must not let go of it , use the dictionary to destroy them, so we can not only recognize more words , but also to develop
good reading habits, let us work together to take immediate action now !