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Sun Wukong in the dream
God, I’m doing my homework. My eyelids are a little heavy. Suddenly, the golden light, I saw Sun Wukong in a daze, quickly shouted Sun Wukong, but cheap Oakley sunglasses can not play with me. Sun Wukong said, “&ldquo, that’s what I came for.”. ” I suddenly said on his gold dooyun. Sun Wukong took me around the world to play. My name is Sun Wukong, turned a somersault, I did not expect Sun Wukong turned too much. He flipped over to Buddha. When Buddha asked: “ monkey, you brought a human child to do what? ” Sun Wukong froze and could not speak. I hurriedly lying quietly in the ear of Sun Wukong said: “ you and Buddha said you dressed in glittering robes, and how ah! A lot of people adore you now. I brought one of the most adoring people to see you. &rdquo: Sun Wukong said it as a gourd, and said the Buddha smiled. We ran out of the house. Sun Wukong said: “&ldquo, just too dangerous, but fortunately Buddha smiled, we just escaped.”. &rdquo: I said, “&ldquo, Buddha will laugh.”. &rdquo: Sun Wukong asks, “&ldquo, why?” &rdquo: I said, ““ who does not like to be praised?”. &rdquo, after the escape, Sun Wukong and I went to the sea again. Look at this stretch of the sea, a lot better. I also called Sun Wukong, take me to the Oakley Polarized Sunglasses sea center to play, in the middle of the sea, there are many fish swimming in the sea, and sometimes dolphins jumped out of the sea to play. Accidentally, I fell into the water and panicked and shouted, “Sun Wukong, come and save me!”. Sun Wukong had a brainwave, and turned out a swimming ring and put me in it. I breathed a sigh of relief and felt a lot of relief. I stabilized my nerves and swam slowly into the sea. It was a long time before I swam. On the shore, I asked Sun Wukong to send me home. Sun Wukong went home in a somersault. I was just about to wave goodbye to Sun WukongScarpe HoganFell off. Suddenly wake up, just know that is a dream. But this dream brought me joy and excitement. This chapter links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxlnjzw\/141220742127633180678.htm next page, more exciting, 12345, the next page, Sun Wukong in the dream