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Oakley sunglasses wiki Qingming rain have, the pedestrian on the road. I ask where there are restaurants, the shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun. As we all know, this is a poem written in Qing dynasty. Today is Saturday, my father said early in the morning: “&ldquo, Tomb Sweeping Day, worship tomb, this is our Chinese customs.”. &rdquo: I proudly said, “&ldquo, who doesn’t know?”! As if you knew. &rdquo, grandma and I sing and act together, so Dad can’t say a word. We came to Grandpa’s grave, took out a lighter, then took a few strings of small firecrackers, at the beginning, I hid her grandmother’s arms, even the head are not up to look outside, the grandmother said: “ the children do not worry, not what good afraid of firecrackers. &rdquo: Dad says, “&ldquo” yes, set off firecrackers, don’t be afraid. &rdquo: I said, “&ldquo, I’m afraid, I’m scared.”! &rdquo: I used to like firecrackers, but why are you so scared now? It’s a small firecrackers if the disaster, that is when I was six years old, when I play the check to a small firecrackers, I put it, but it explodes too fast, just listen snapped, my hand was blown outAllwaysairco.nlThe blood, when my pain cried, my neighbor saw me this pair of immediately told grandma, grandma listened very afraid, took me to the hospital bandaged the wound, since then I dare not play firecrackers, and sometimes afraid to hear the sound of firecrackers. We put the firecrackers point incense sticks, I learn to like Dad, bow first, what to say, grandma and dad say what I can’t hear, but my mouth said: “ I want to Study hard, later admitted to the University, so that the parents of my “ I do not know just about is of no use, but to the actual action. Finally, my father took out something to eat and wine. He poured the wine into the tea cup and poured it down to the land in front of the tombstone. On the way home, I said, “&ldquo, do you worship the tombs like this? Are the weeds burning beside them?” &rdquo: they said, “&ldquo, of course.”! But just be careful. &rdquo, Grandpa, I missed you. You won’t come back. You’ll always live in my heart. Baby Oakley sunglasses this link: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxlnjzw\/141220742126985919431.htm page 12345 page “more wonderful