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When the teacher is not in time
Remember the day of this semester, English teacher and teacher for science courses, but the science teacher went something, the classroom began a thrilling “ ” performance. “ well, the teacher did not come yesterday? ” “ may forget it “! ” no, it must be a meeting! “ no, must be playing computer did not play enough! “ biechao, this is a good chance for us. ’ noise suddenly in the class are going to lift the ceiling upside down. Then Hu Changtao suddenly stood, said: &rdquooakley Holbrook; teacher seems to be right back right away! “ bite, a second class of people all hands on the desk, smile is also take back. Then Xia Yunlong studied Teacher Wang said, dictation preparation, the first word. Some students also really take a listen to the new year, Mao shouted: “don’t be fooled, the teacher did not come, the class is all in the eyes immediately they cast aside, we continue to show Oakley sport sunglasses. “ ha ha, then you look at Xiao Liu, but also in the dance Mike dance, we served you. Space steps and other difficult movements, he is doing intermittent, in his mouth also issued from time to time he did not understand, we do not understand English, jump than write homework are invested. The rest of the students still immersed in Wang said: “ dictation book preparation, the first word ““ students with a variety of dialects, the most funny is that: &rd with little sissyHogan sandaliQuo; dictation preparation; let’ go! “ the class is one of the small immediately set the whole room roaring with laughter at the protagonist. His place is bad, and others said, a sudden increase in tone, always make people scared to death, his mantra is: “ really, you really are, you are! ” girls, so do not open like a boy, the most outrageous is lower and a few girls read comic books, it is also a smile, sitting on the seat to do their own thing, this class is our most naughty, the most happy day. Hey, playing tired ah! When the teacher is not in the ‘

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Tour Laoshan
Tour Laoshan today, the weather is fine, the three of us go out to play, where to play? Yes, should go to the Laoshan National Forest Park, he is there, the most fun, we set out! At first, we first opened to Yangtze River bridge, but on the way due to traffic jams, we changed the road – the next bridge, we eventuallyCollezione Hogan 2016To have experienced all kinds of hardships on the bridge, to the mother river of Yangtze River — a look, ah, is worthy of the Yangtze River, even wide so long, estimated meters long, we soon got to Laoshan, I read the introduction, wrote: with the characteristics of elegance and beauty, handsome, strange animals; the plant is rich in resources, plants with pine, maple, maple, ginkgo Kim, 148, 726, Shaun White Oakley sunglasses animal Chinese Tiger butterflies, egrets, python, classified in 200 species; regional environment, fresh air, air negative oxygen ion content was 500 times higher than the urban areas. Called “ natural oxygen ” “ forest bathing ”. I looked up, wow! The mountain is so high! An estimated 999 meters high, I was very scared, so we did not look back, I always go ahead, then rushed to the pavilion, I looked down, wow! Good terror ah, I climb to climb half way, began to tremble, I gingerly climbed and climbed for a while, found the road through the top of the hill, suddenly, I want to vomit blood, I began a long journey, for a moment, then went to a play but, I saw a trail from there to climb up, I saw the tower, I can not wait to climb, to find that the ladder is very steep, still go up, looking at the distant scenery, shouted: “ great ” the word, I went downstairs. Under the floor, to return to the Oakley sunglass range, the bottom of the hill, I ran to the shooting place, I picked up the arrow, pointing towards the center, and put up a little and a hard shot, shot too, I suddenly have to adjust the height, shoot out, Hit the 9 ring, for a few times, I can shoot well, parents praised me after I left the parents urged, Laoshan … …. The sun began to fall, I looked at the sun, on the car. Tour Laoshan

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Bosom friend
Good friend is deep friendship friends, we are wrong, be criticized, never abandon, that is a real friend. Mind showing the happy time we spent together, go to the stationery store shopping together; for a figure in the garage; together in the office with intensive review; Aipi; … … a lot of “ ” to discharge the shadow spewing, as a record of our memories of each other. Class, we play together, rest, we chat together. Usually, we often play together, but also sometimes. Once, we play &ldquo risk in the recess if the police catch the thief; &rdquo, “ in time, the police find; ” “ the thief in the process of &ldquo, ” ” police; inadvertently by the teacher like “ the cat catch mouse ” “ ” &ldquo is a kind of. Pull; ” back to the classroom, the students read jokes aside, and we play a person dare not stand out. However, he and I are friends and friends are playing no matter how can Aipi ah! I volunteered to stand out, in fact, I don’t want to stand up, but the criticism is not worth the friendship between friends, friendship is more important than what (of course, in front of the family friendship!). I think being scolded together, my heart is no shadow, because I have a friendship between himself and Oakley Cycling Sunglasses, as the saying goes: there are difficult to share, blessed are the same when. The friendship between me and Wang Yangfan begins like this. Usually, we Oakley sunglasses on sale often play together, but we also have a falling out when, sometimes, when we encounter good stuff, usually to snatch theCollezione Hogan 2016But, every time we will conduct an auction between, who is out of the price, who can have a good stuff, so we in the auction, we both will take a lot of money, because the reason is very simple, want to get the good stuff, so every time the price. Both of us will be very tense, often for a little something or a little trifles each other or quarrel with. Wang Yangfan, you’ll always be my best friend! Bosom friend

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Why not let him a son
Why not let him a son Li Tiancheng six (7) class of the ancients often say: “ step back, as boundless as the sea and sky. ” yes, a step back, maybe you can resolve the conflict, to help others. After aDonne Hogan 2016I go hard, success of the promotion period, began to enter the two period. I went to the two section of the game, at this time I feel very relaxed, because I have a game of five games in a row, as long as the next three to win a set of two will be able to go home with the trophy. My opponent appeared, he looked solemn, I know it is an experienced player, from the dialogue with him, I learned that he has participated in two 5 games, can not be admitted to the. “ I’ve won the four set, but I’m afraid that the back of the opponent will be very strong. Oakley sunglasses sale uk” he’d said, his eyes showed the infinite sadness. I started the game, in a game experience, he will not move my pressure, an advantage, to close at 10 he owes me a few orders of — — he had a long “ ” I was forced down, as long as the last step can result it is, however, my hands are suspended in the air, I think back to him in the &ldquo war; ” before me to say, so worried, unhappy, I suddenly felt a bit in the heart: if I beat him, then he is likely to be a year of hard work all broken, but also from the zero start again; and I, on their own level in three chess wins one is absolutely no problem, why not Oakley radar to help him? I put the pieces in my hand at will. His eyes flashed a light, but after a few seconds into doubt, in the face of his doubts, my mouth hanging on the smile. “ black white edged by the 1! ” the referee shouted. After the game, he asked me why I want to let him win, my smile is still hanging in the mouth, told him the reason, he was grateful to the rejection of my arm. The result, I easily won the two game, with 6 disc made two victory medals, and he has the strength of its own in three after the remaining win a set, victory! From then on, he became a good friend with me. Why not let him a son