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Read the “Robinson drift” a sense of
“Robinson Crusoe” describes the heroine Crusoe Island, overcome the difficulty, the legendary hard pioneer. The novel is written in real nature, rich in legend. The hero of the island to plant crops, build huts, eating difficulties and survive. But eager to go home, so he became fascinated came only how to get out of this place, but it failed, finally returned to England after an absence of 28 years. Twenty-eight years, a surprising number, an incredible number! And he, Robinson, had been at sea for twenty-eight years! This is the book when I have seen the greatest feeling. In September 30, 1659, a man in a voyage on the encounter a terrible storm, turned the boat, in addition to him no one survived. He went to the island. With his amazing perseverance and courage, twenty-eight years later, he escaped from the island to rely on their own wisdom, this person is unlucky and lucky Robinson croso. Robinson is a man of determination. He once said: “ my temper is determined to do a thing, do not let it go, ” “ I’ll do my best for as long as I can pull, I will not be drowned, as long as I can stand, and I will not fall … &hellip & rdquo;; he has no helper, tools is not complete, lack of experience, so do anything to spend a lot of labor, for long time. Even a piece of wood to forty-two Oakley sunglasses DCollezione Hogan 2016Iscount days. Many of the things he did was in vain, without success, but he was never discouraged, he always summed up the experience of failure and began again. Working hard for encouraging the return of Oakley wire sunglasses, he finally become a marine, bread, pottery, plantation, pasture, two “ &rdquo luxury residence; … … these have not spent a lot of effort to overcome many difficulties to come. And what about us? Who can say that they have the ability to have self-confidence to live on a desert island for twenty-eight years? We are so far away from Robinson, no one can compare with him, he is too great. What do you think? Read the “Robinson drift.”

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The People I Admire Most
I most admire the person he always so humorous, always so cheerful, can be so severe to me. Sometimes he just like the sun like a child, sometimes like a bear too heavy her daughter. In my past life, he gave me the inspiration of life, so I will only see the light of the road ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. I remember that time, a friend’s house needs a lot of money to repair the house, a friend found him to borrow money. That is his family just also short of money, but he thought: since the friend to find me, he trusted me, anyway, this busy must help. He agreed. At home all of a sudden can not get so much money, he had to borrow money to a friend, just scrape together the money to send it to the past. People around often ask why you have so many friends, there are always a lot of people gift giving? In fact, just because he’s doing things, won the recognition of others. You must want to know who he is? He is my most beloved father. He taught me many, in the invisible will let me understand a lot of things, he did not use the mouth a bit, but with the action to do to me, although he is more strict to me, but I know you are good, it’s an honor to be your daughter. I remember a Chinese exam, because I didn’t do well, dad was very angry, but in order to let me up, and did not say what. He picked up the paper and looked at my wrong topic. He saw me a poem is not fill out, it will teach me to fill out, I remember that the poem was “best Oakley sunglasses” energy-saving, my dad had not only taught me fill out, but also careful will start from the poetic words, make my life can not forget. In fact, the poem after the exam, the teacher has said, I also know how to write, but in front of a serious father I really can not bear to interrupt, I want to let flak jacket Oakley he has been talking about. His words sometimes make me feel impatient, but now in retrospect is Oakley m frame was so warm, I really don’t know much will have that idea, I have now is the sixth grade students, parents should understand. He is a good father, a good teacher, guide me to move forward. I admire him for the people, like this good father, no matter how high I fly, he is always my haven, is my forever care. The People I Admire Most