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Be a brave
Do a brave I was a fourteen year old female students on the first day, I think that I am a very timid person, I said that batwolf Oakley sunglasses is not timid, others say what kind of timid afraid, I don’t know how to describe my own timidity. The first day of school, because those students and teachers are those strange faces, I am afraid to give them a bad impression, so I have to ask: what things I have to do, how would the problem in his seat again in the end I want to consider. Ask those strange students, ask this question how to do, I hesitate, I was afraid of, they are the problem, but I am a person not to know this question, though I have put this question will get, but I am afraid they’ll think I’m a stupid even so, my simple questions are not, for I am afraid, this thing is. If students are not the problem, you may think that I am not afraid, but on the contrary, I am more afraid, because if we are not, they may let me ask the teacher, I asked the teacher, the teacher might think that other students have to ask this question, and I but to ask this question, that is to say even the most stupid students are not the most stupid, students do not have to ask, so I am stupid, so the teacher gave up on me. Our class is like me, on the contrary, she has no problem anyway she will go to ask the teacher, ask her questions, she no matter right or wrong, she will put her feelings, she will take what she thinks of, what she thinks is wrong. Is the teacher think this is right, but she thinks it is wrong, she would take her feelings. And I said that she is in our class — — Wansha ma. I think she is a “ God is not afraid, not afraid of ” the person, she is so cheerful, so kind, so brave a girl. I also like her a inmate Sunglasses Oakley like, I want to be a brave man. I must be a brave man. Do sunglasses lens replacement Oakley a brave own

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Love Archive
Now in the computer age, many documents have the record, existing files to facilitate searching the query, but in life have a lot of things is engraved in the hearts of the is no need to archive can also have a deep memory, is branded in the depths of the soul. Last winter, our family go home to play, I’m allergic bronchitis and disappointing attack, the suffocating Oakley Jupiter, unable to breathe, kind of dizzy feeling, like a poor kitten nestled in her mother’s arms, tears water direct spinning, mother also anxious pale, incoherent speech, people also trembling, people drive straight to the local hospital, clockwise have crept toward at one o’clock in the morning. The winter weather is particularly cold biting, mother to let me sit on the cold hospital bench, abruptly holding me four hours, to finally her entire person is numb. When I hung up the water, my mother holding my cold hands, while constantly comforted me: “ baby! Good Oakley breathless sunglasses, will be good & rdquo;, she usually is a halo hyperlipidemia, at this moment for me has to attend to so many, on the surface have propped up, his mouth still talking about: & ldquo; baby Yu, if my mother can help you suffer well, mom would & rdquo;. At that time I was slightly better condition, I looked at her mother with the old mark of the face, my heart only feel that the embrace of the mother is the world’s most warm, the most safe, the most practical safe harbor. Memory is a double-edged sword, to people with joy at the same time also accompanied by pain, I was a little older, experienced rarely, is such a sort of a small thing, in my memory is also a bitter and sweet, bitter is the medicine the doctor gave me, sweet is I recovered and like a deer like lively taste and mother pleased to laugh. Is the most selfless love to the child’s mother, all over the world without exception. So human on the mother’s praise and Thanksgiving is eternal, a small dog to dog mother dependence, a giant panda dote on Panda baby gorilla, lying in the gorilla mother’s leg, mother to help it fishing itch & hellip; & hellip; in the boundless universe, on the planet, save the memory of love is never indelible memory is accompanied by a discount Oakley sunglasses love began. Love Archive