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A smile is warm and moved to tears
Smile warm + tearful moved Xiao Gu is a fool, in the corridor turn, it always does not turn over; small ancient very shy, he was afraid of the sight of his own eyes and others met together; small ancient will shuajiu Feng, only lick a sip of beer, it will drunk & hellip; & hellip; this cute little ancient, so sometimes I laugh, sometimes tears. “The ancient little mutt” this book with simple lines and simple words tells the story author Gotou Hoyuki with their own dog small ancient XX years +108 day. Opening of the story, the author wrote this; in a word; & lsquo; all thoughts, to my favorite small ancient & rsquo;. I understand that small ancient already not in the human world, at the same time I also think, why people always wait until lost, will understand it’s valuable, will go to cherish? As written guide. & ldquo; it tease you happy, it give you trouble, it clings to thee, it accompanies you. However, there are a day, it’s gone but never see again & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; the whole story, I most love the second piece of content; and small ancient together days. Says it is & ldquo; I and small ancient hoax, walking together, play together, and each & lsquo; & rsquo; after the end will have a sentence words to generalize the ancient, ancient is a fool, Xiao Gu is a sluggard, Xiao Gu is a glutton & hellip; & hellip; I understand. In fact, this expression of & ldquo; I & rdquo; of the small ancient love. If, say, the story of will that made me laugh, then after often make me with tears in her eyes, small ancient sick, Xiao Gu really old, and finally the little ancient death is & ldquo; I & rdquo; hold it & hellip; & hellip; a letter, I think animals dependency and there are strong; happiness, sadness; insist, as well as compromise &oakley sunglasses modelshelused Oakley sunglassesoakley Sunglasses m framelip; & hellip;. Just as human beings in general. Author in the end of the story, and wrote a sentence very abstruse sentences; when lost the precious things, we always upset before & hellip; & hellip; smile warm and tearful moved

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Imagine 20 years later
20 years later the party “ Di Di Di ” my pocket PC received a message. It turned out to be my old classmate — — Ma Lin invited me to go to the party. Place in the sky garden. The second day, I washed and dressed, he drove the car to my garden. Ah! This, this is not the primary school, junior high school, and I get along with several partners the best! I walked up to them and said hello to them. “ yo! Isn’t it Xu Tingyu! Look, come and see! ” Wang Xinyu said. “ is that right? You’re not in the right now! ” others say. “ yes, you see you dressed so are we how these people better than you! ” “ look at your face, how beautiful you are! Oh! ” … … they are the one I talk about me. I complain, &ldquo, you, don’t talk about me anymore. Come on, talk about yourself, don’t complain anymore. You who say first? ” they look at me and I look at you and you don’t say, I say, “ now that you don’t say, then I will say. I am now a wire Sunglasses Oakley dancer. ” look at me, I’m not bound to say, Ma Lin also said: “ I am now a singer. ” follow them one after another, say, “ I am now a news anchor. ” “ I’m a stunt man. ” “ Oakley sunglasses radar path I am a doctor who see death exercise. Oakley sunglasses&rdquo “ discontinued; I was a nurse in the nursing station. ” … … they now work is also good, huh? Why didn’t Xu Liru talk? I went to her and asked her a clear, just know that she is a cake division. She felt that she was not as good as us. “ in fact, the cake division is also very good. ” I told her. She smiled and talked about her present life … … 20 years later we are all special! Imagine 20 years later

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See also the tree green garden
See also the tree green garden in the name of an umbrella, greedily breathe the fresh air, came to the campus. Into the campus, hit in the end is with green. With the school gate is right, is a school in a pond. The pond in the rain, it is very quiet. In the pond, such as a piece of lotus leaf, green jade plate, crowded with each other. Approached a look, in the green lotus leaves, ulterior motives and graceful lotus, like the one wearing the veil on the lake bathing fairy, smile stands, charming desire language; tender core condensate beads, Ying Ying dripping, bursts of fragrance, people relaxed and happy; and the lotus leaf like strut of a green umbrella, some frivolous to the surface of the water, some pavilion vertical above the blue, like layers of green waves and as a piece of jade. A closer look, the original lotus lotus hidden behind. I like in her mother’s arms a woman your dance, like a plate of green pearls. With the wind gently shaking, seemed to show off their pride to the people in the cheap Oakley sunglasses UK proudly. The flowers were blossoming, tightly nestled in the green spheronization of lotus leaf, in the gentle rain shower is is more handsome, charming and lovely. Toward the playground, will find, in the playground of the side, standing two tall trees. Although not called on the name, but they are tall and big body, so I was very impressed. Straight and sturdy branches and strong roots, it has been standing in this firm and indomitable one side of the playground. Come nearer, see patches of green of new leaves in the breeze slightly shakes, from time to time from the tree Oakley sunglasses outlet fall lower part of the body fatigues & ldquo; paratroopers & rdquo; in the tree lower berth on the a soft carpet. Step up, not only than the reputation of the Persian carpet more comfortable, but also appears to be particularly natural. Light up a fallen leaf, the leaf is covered with The grass is green and luxuriant. veins, edge is very uniform. Dimly, but also exudes a pleasant fragrance. The two tree, like two in fine fig soldiers, always stick to their position. Even the teaching building of the parking shed beside, also have a tree. In March, the tree parking shed next to the ruins, has quietly grown a lot of buds. The moisture in the spring bud, slowly grew out of a few leaves. The tree was covered with beautiful rain. Put away the umbrella, enjoy the baptism of the rain all over the sky. I found that the more fragrant flowers, trees more green, the heart becomes pure. See trees and greenFitFlop 2016 saleGarden