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Reading “the green dog mountain villa” has the feeling
This winter vacation I read some books, among them there is one, called “green dog mountain villa”. See this title, you may ask, this is a white dog, yellow dog, dog world, how could there be a green dog? Is it an alien dog? The main character in the book has the same question, but what I want to tell you is that there is a real green dog in the world! It exists in the “green dog mountain” written by aunt Yang Hongying. In this book, I know a grotesque figures and animals: elegant poodle white; optimistic and humorous ball old mouse; naughty Ma small jump; selfish sculptor; play dress up the French poodle Phina; good character of Pekingese dog audacity; believe character decided the fate of the Laughing Cat and free from vulgarity, in the heart of faith tiger cat and so on. This book is a defense of freedom, book a green dog original hair and not green, their ears were not erected, all of this from to the self servingFitFlops goedkopeSculptor, he in order to complete 100 green dog sculpture, deprived of the happiness and freedom of a hundred dogs, their hair dyed green, also cruel to wire buried in their ears, hard to let their ears prick up. And Ma small jump and several of his friends, the innocence of children in order to allow a few green dog does not suffer from the eyes of people of different Gascan Oakley sunglasses, they find a car baby carrier with canopy, the green dog of audacity and white the into the treatment carried forward by the pet hospital Pei Fan brother, will eventually resume their original appearance. This is a kind of children. In this book, the author summed up the human nature in the words of the old mouse: “ when it comes to the sculptor, he is a man of the pursuit of an artist and a successful artist. However, he for his own success, forced one hundred dogs in the green dog hills, forced to change their original appearance, so that they lost the original life. His success was at the expense of the freedom and happiness of one hundred dogs, and Ma Xiaotiao they were all fuel cell Oakley kind children. & rdquo; human nature is the most important, there is no human nature, mean that there is no life, I hope you have a chance to read this book. Reading “the green dog mountain villa” has the feeling