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sour , sweet , bitter , hot
When I was young, I especially liked to eat things, as long as it is not seen to make me curious, but also to taste. Is when I was five years old, I play in the mother-in-law home, but there was no any fun, I went to the mother-in-law home a small hillside play, suddenly I found a three piece leaves are combined into the grass, I put it put in the mouth to eat, only to hear me straight Oakley radar called: & ldquo; good acid, acid & rdquo; I ran to her mother-in-law to go there, I asked her mother-in-law this is what, mother-in-law ha ha laugh said: & ldquo; this is sour, eat will definitely sour & rdquo. Another time, I ran to the play on a hillside, find a glowing red needle like, above the green radish dishes, I from Tuliliangen pulled out a try, the wiping clean the soil into a mouth to eat, Cuisheng students, fruity, delicious, I said: & ldquo; the next time I have to eat more. & rdquo; remember another time, I on the hillside found a way to cucumber vegetable, but it has a little fat, body concave white Oakley sunglasses convex rough, color is green green, I from the stem and picked an one mouthful, good pain, good & mdash; bitter & mdash; ah, I’ll throw, said: & ldquo; next time I won’t eat this thing, & rdquo; I regret ah! I called my mother to come and ask: “ my mother this is what things, good bitter ah! ” mother suddenly burst out laughing, said: “ this is the bitter gourd, bitter gourd, bitter gourd, is definitely bitter! &rdqoakley m frame sunglassesuo; and a time, I on the hillside to eat carrots, suddenly, I found a like the moon, but it is red, above the green bar I picked one and put it in her mouth, only to hear me, said: & ldquo; hot, hot & mdash; mother heard my cry, he put the water took over, I saw my mother brought the water, I went straight to the mother there, handle brought to drink, I asked mother: & ldquo; mom, this is what. & rdquo; mother said: & ldquo; this is the hot pepper, it will eat spicy. ” these all let me know, what to eat, what not to eat.

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Memory of childhood
Childhood memory Xuanwu District, cherry primary 6 (a) Ke Xin Fang childhood, obscure poetry is elegant painting, is a beautiful song & hellip; & hellip; the memory of my childhood is simple, simple, my childhood memory is childish and ignorant, let the memory of childhood left a deep impression to me, let me through a happy childhood. Just when I was in elementary school, I was a little girl, I don’t know anything about seven years old. To the school and other students dare not talk, play, alone on the seat in a daze. Once, a little girl I took the initiative to say hello, I Leng Oakley prescription glasses, rouged all Oakley sunglasses on sale. I really do not understand how that time will be so shy, so timid it? Why dare not answer her words? I slowly said to her: my name is “ … &hellip. Hersin! You … good! ” the little girl smiled at me and said, “ my name is Hu Yifan. Hello! ” she just finished saying and then she took me out to play. Now think of how I was funny, simple, simple. Also remember the three grade, I just changed a class teacher, a start, I do not know that it is my teacher, come to her said: “ aunt, hello! ” still there to show the teacher &ldquo bugs, bugs fly! ” the teacher looked at me and smiled. When entering the class, the aunt said to the class “ I am your new class teacher! ” I was shocked, the face of the brush a red. Now think of it, I think I’m too naive, too ridiculous. Now I had not at that time the young ignorant, I to strenuously study hard, let oneself like the sun at seven o’clock in the morning, with the knowledge to arm their minds, let youth glow color, to show their true charm. Regardless of your childhood home is poor, the poor experience to infinite innocence and fun, and the home rich and boasts of words, childhood will be so dull and boring. What is the taste of childhood? I believe that everyone has a different see Oakley sunglasses for sale cheap solution, and my childhood is full of shy, happy memories! Although my childhood transient, but the sun is still shining in my childhood, childhood memories are still beautiful!

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The people of Poland to fight against the aggressor
Chopin Chopin’s sister in accordance with the will, the younger brother of the heart back to the motherland, the motherland’s brother can rest in the underground. When returned to the city of Warsaw Chopin’s sister, just met Chopin’s relatives, Chopin’s relatives saw Chopin’s sister was so sad, he stepped forward to ask: & ldquo; Ludvika, you this is how, Chopin had what? Why didn’t he come back with you? & rdquo; Ludvika sobbed said: & ldquo; his Chopin & hellip; & hellip; he died, he said let me bring his heart back to the motherland, he wants to sleep on the ground of the motherland. ” “ what? Chopin, how could he … … ” Chopin’s relatives seem to believe. Luther dimension card not to say these sad Oakley sunglasses batwolf thing the, with Chopin’s heart to the motherland and fertile land, Chopin’s heart lightly buried up, and muttered: & ldquo; his younger brother, rest in peace! & rdquo; Chopin’s relatives in listening to the remarks of Ludvika, very sad, thinking: Chopin this great Oakley probation Sunglasses musicians, even to death, also want to the motherland and together, we should strive for the motherland! So, he told his ideas to many people, a few days later, almost all of them have raised the morale of the flames, all hope to defeat the russian. In August 1st, third days after the call was broadcast on the Moscow Radio Station, the Warsaw uprising broke out. Insurgents from five PM Jupiter Oakley began to attack the occupying army, less than 15 minutes, the city’s million residents are involved in the fighting, three days to control most of the region. But in the troops and weaponry to Warsaw Uprising people with overwhelming Germans from various positions of frenzied counterattack, insurgents calls upon the close proximity of the Soviet support. They to Warsaw resistance fighters airdrop ammunition and food, Soviet timely assistance, the Polish people defeated the czar of Russia, overthrew the rule of the Russian Tsar. Chopin, a what a great patriotic musician, he to the motherland paid a many, his heart to the Polish people with confidence, and defeated the invaders.