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Grandma and her bitter gourd
Now my mother in law has become a &ldquo of the land; the city farmer ”. Alas, don’t understand, the grandmother put a comfortable Oakley RX Sunglasses leisurely retirement however, partial to do what & ldquo; farmers & rdquo;. District a piece of wasteland, was the grandmother took aim for a long time, and eventually became the grandmother of “ ”. In this & ldquo; a three acre & rdquo; on the ground, often to see the grandmother sweat labor figure, fertilizing, weeding, watering, plowing, planting and so on, let I this is not been to the countryside’s granddaughter good experience for the rural farmers toil. Our house on the table and began to put on the grandmother of fresh, no pollution vegetables, watching us eat with gusto, look, grandma’s face proud proud smile, like the battle of the generals. But one day, when I eat a grandma bitter, I gave a mouth “ good bitter, disgusting. ” I never eat second, my grandmother’s face, all of a sudden the Qing zhuanyin. Before going to bed at night, my mother came to my room to tell me, my grandmother’s bitter gourd is specially designed for me. Listen to the grandmother did not know who say, balsam pear not only heat clearing and detoxifying and also nourish the skin beauty, in order to let her baby grandson female look more beautiful and she is not afraid of the kind of bitter gourd is tedious, determined to grow their own bitter gourd, give me to eat. Mom left also said: & ldquo; bitter melon is really a good thing, in addition to the nutritional value, it is a treasure, its branches Teng, leaves, are to do medicine. &rdqudiscounted Oakley sunglasseso; suddenly I of bitter melon have the interest, immediately I search the Internet check, bitter gourd is indeed nourishing skin beauty, but also of Tang urine disease have certain curative effect, did to do drugs, I feel ashamed, the balsam pear spit, shouldn’t let Grandma a piece of pains were in vain. The next day, after school, I went to the grandmother & ldquo; farmland & rdquo; carefully watched the pergola of bitter gourd, palm leaves, yellow flowers, uneven slender women Oakley sunglasses fruits, I decided to not only eat bitter gourd, and even in the future to help grandma kind of bitter melon. Standing in the grandmother’s “ farmland ” I want to understand, and the spirit of bitter gourd and bitter gourd how similar ah! Name: Hu Mengyu class: Class six three schools: Jiankang Road Primary School

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Decided to take a few days to the final exam, my heart like fifteen buckets of — — an unsettled state of mind. If the test is not good, then I must not have good fruit to eat, but also &ldquo ” flowering. So I decided to review every day, put bitter for sweet, each review all think about what the teacher said: ten hard years, enjoy a happy life of 60 years. But there is one complex Oakley sunglasses coupons Xi, my eyes old does not live up to expectations, always doze off, while I read English: & ldquo; happy teachers’ Day Teachers’ day happy). ” is too boring, I read Chinese books such as: “ medicine is good medicine Yu can read it — — Liu Xiang….. ” but for a while, I was asleep. Wake up, I will continue to study, and then my dad said: “ Qian Zhou, how are you today so seriously? &rdquo, I quickly went back to the words: “ a few days to the final exam, and I can not worry? ” another day, my heart like a rabbit jumped. A few days later, I got to school waiting for the exam. To 8 points, the invigilator is beaming into the classroom Oakley serise of sunglasses, she began the volumes, I saw the papers, have a headache, how so difficult, I want to think almost want to break the head. Finally, I want to out, immediately write the answer the Oakley sunglasses outlet, the writing, I was struggling a Herculean effort to finish the composition, finally put questions to do a good job, I carefully examination, found the & ldquo; & rdquo; written & ldquo; has white & rdquo; so careless! I hastened to use an eraser neatly done, after class, I submitted my papers to the teacher. After a few days of the exam, I have been restless, for fear that the score is too low, and finally the score of the final exam. When the teacher at “ 92.5 ” money boat, I feel smug, but test full 90 points. At last, I have 100 points, 96 points, and the average score of 96.5 points! I have a “ safflower teenager &rdquo I have to dance with joy.