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Mom and Dad, I want you
Mom and Dad, I think your dear mom and Dad, are you still busy? Tiptoe around, has become my daily routine. Sunglasses Australia Oakley, I think you … … every year of the National Day has become my mind set of pictures. I miss my parents go home, back to the day and night to miss their son, I was so excited, it is difficult to use language to describe. But the national day, you have to leave home, leave me — — go out to work. My heart acid. Mom and Dad, I want you to go. In my memory, you have never lived in the home for several months, has been working outside the home. I know that you are outside the hard work is for me to eat and drink, and other students as the study supplies … … I thank you — — parents. But I want to have that you can spend more time at home, my time. Material to make me feel less than happy, I envy those who all day around the parents around the child, I think they are happy. Chinese new year, when I heard the students say to the new clothes. Red envelope … … the words, my heart can not say the taste. Someone’s home during the Spring Festival is a family reunion, bustling, and my home only I and old grandma and grandpa, cold and cheerless, can not find new Oakley sunglasses for kids the joy. Why? I pretend to be strong, try to restrain myself, don’t let the tears flow out. Now I want to grow a pair of wings across the numerous hills and streams your arms, jump to. But I can’t, there is an old Oakleys cheap to take care of my grandparents, and I can not delay the study. I did not help the … … I think you — — my dearest parents. His trembling heart cries, cries you can go home, can spend more time with me. I want to be reunited, the desire to be happy, I can not bear the pressure of the young heart can reduce the pressure of … … far away from home you can feel the son’s shout? Author: Wang Xin class: Class Six One schools: Zhao Baisheng elementary school teacher: Zhang Ling