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Stop the steps
Stop at the beginning of the first (11) of the school of the first () of the world’s pace is too fast! Messy, busy, no rules to follow, every day we are immersed in the & ldquo; hurry & rdquo;, every day busy scorched, already missed the many, what’s going on? Why don’t we try to stop for a second? When time flies, we always regret the time is too fast, we do too little. Why can not stop the pace of it? Slow down, stop to feel the world, the world is full of fun. Every day of busy, bring us endless exhaustion, stop the pace, relax a moment, you will always have an unexpected harvest. Time is a good time, if you are too busy, you will be filled with complaints about life. We come to this world, but it is the appreciation of the people, not to take any thing. Some people in the life of those who have a bubble like memory. After a busy life, the last to regret that they have never stopped, never really appreciate this beautiful world. When you walk on the road in a hurry after school or after work, please stop your feet, can be from a small deciduous, feel the autumn rhythm; when you anxiously walking on the road, to walk through the daily required, please stop your feet, you can from the roadside flower fragrance in children, feel the infinite charm of nature; when you finish the hard work does not stop, please stop the pace of “ ”, look up and have a look at the window, perhaps there are birds flying, also may listen to a Oakley sunglasses lenses under the rain rhythm, can from the Oakley splice Sunglasses notes, feel the life is full of so much fun. Every second in the past, every moment, will be posted on “ once ” the label, time is gone, it will leave something! The stop your feet, relax quietly enjoy around cheap Oakley sunglasses for sale, huadengchushang, the hustle and bustle of the streets have also become no longer worrying times in progress, you will find the original life can be so beautiful! Stop and you’ll feel the world is so interesting!

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I can’t forget.
Forget moved on October 17, for ordinary people may be no different, but for me, non general & mdash; &mdoakley sunglasses. Discountash; & shy; because that day I hosted the day of the flag raising ceremony. Last Friday night, I was excited to prepare a night, constantly tell myself: to relax, relax. 17 morning, I get out of bed climb up, looked in the mirror carefully dress up: a bar pretty ponytail, already ironed uniforms to wear up; then wearing a bright red scarf, whole person looks a lot of spirit! To the school, near the flag raising ceremony started on time, I once again to carefully read again and again with the manuscript has been read fast rotten, and constantly looked at the watch, a second time in the past, think in the heart: must not read wrong, must not give the class disgrace! My classmates are waiting for my wonderful performance! Come on Flag raising ceremony began, with the assembly, the sounded, all students of the school were gathered at the lawn I the heart just calm the heart and the Oakley sunglasses Ireland and tense up, as if there are only a few small rabbit butterflies dancing! Hold still Hold still Must not panic! I breathed a sigh of relief, strode over to the stage, took the microphone said: & ldquo; Nanjing Sanpailou elementary school flag raising ceremony began & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; is referred to the last, the more I realized that there was nothing too nervous, face Oakley cheap sunglasses expression softened many, in the statement also unconsciously and feelings. Make me the most unforgettable, I said, & lsquo; flag raising, salute, the National Anthem & rsquo; when, all the students are invariably raised his right hand and watch the national flag slowly upward; when I read my profile, the school almost no one spoke, they are quietly listen to my explanation; after it is finished, they also broke out thunderous applause, I feel a great sense of accomplishment on the stage. At that moment, I felt the whole school students praise and recognition, I am very moved! Sanpailou primary school six (3) class teacher: XX\/10\/25 and Yue Ying