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read “fishing revelation” This text heart can not be calm.

The text focuses on the oakley clip on sunglasses author and his father on the island fishing, bass fishing off two hours time remaining, the author caught a beautiful, large and plump perch, he was excited and proud
May be the father looked at the time, ho no discussion to let 0026 ldquo; I 0026 rdquo; the bass back into the lake.
0026 Ldquo; I 0026 rdquo; had to reluctantly say goodbye with the big bass.
However, it makes 0026 ldquo; I 0026 rdquo; benefit, because this is a money can not buy the newest oakley sunglasses wealth in life.

This text reminds me of one thing.
That, as a boy playing in the school corridor, during the long jump action, suddenly ran out of pocket five dollars, he has not found it to class.
I picked up the five dollars, proudly thinking, this five dollars, for me, oakley sunglass can be a lot ah!
I can use it to buy a fifty or fifty lollipop pencil, stationery I would be filled!
But I thought, with the five dollars, I would be very happy?
I do not know what forces encouraged me, so I quickly put the money back to the boy.
Although I never saw the boy, has not been a recognition, I, as proud of his actions.

Social multicolored now gorgeous, dazzling.
Just restrain themselves, they will not be tempted by material wealth.
To receive rigorous training from an early age in order to obtain ethical practice of courage and strength.

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0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; read Mr. Liang Qichao’s “dedication and music industry”, the life I was lost in thought.

Human life is very short, some people wasted their time, some people have had a very full.
This is because the former unemployed, while the latter has caused the industry.
Although we now learn bitter, but compared to those who are unemployed are not happy with?
After all, we have the industry 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; academic people.
And an industry that door industry is a vital life.
Only treat these doors, in order to make a success, to make our life more beautiful and colorful!

So What Makes it kind to this door industry, which naturally made by Mr. Liang Qichao and dedication, and enjoy two words linked up.

When people have a job, the most basic is the dedication of the.
Dedication has two meanings: First, respect the work they are engaged and proud; the second is to delve into discussions strive for excellence.
We treat our school should be like this, because we learn, we learn, we should be proud, and we should delve into the spirit.
This process is a happy, proud, of course, some people will say that is bitter.
However, the issue of the day in school achievement does not oakley restless sunglasses hardships?
Precisely this is the most painful of life.
Because they are on the surface it looks very happy, but the heart is suffering oakley sunglasses military, which those who respect the cause just the opposite.

Of course not need to work, but also to the music industry.
Because 0026 ldquo; cite is the best teacher 0026 rdquo ;, as Confucius said: 0026 ldquo; Those who know not as good, good and those who not the music.
0026 Rdquo; only love it, can we do better this cause.
So we do not always think bitter is difficult to learn, because it will make us more laborious study but no good results, we are dissatisfied with emotions.

Finally, I would like to borrow the “dedication and enjoy” the sentence to the end: 0026 ldquo; dedicated industry 0026 rdquo; words, is the only way of human life.

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Nguyen mind there who knows

butterfly children fly, nor at heart.
Who desolate night, wiping away his tears her cheeks?
Is greedy little dependence greedy little love?
The hard edge of the old, and for full of sorrow.
How to endure, and that the first guess there strange?
Hide worry merged into the sea, sad hard row.
Day to the bitter, do not blame for the disaster, really should not, youth afraid of loneliness!

I’m the flowers fade, even the heart is also buried.
Chunyan return in future, where the body?

– “Zangxin”


Shortly after midnight, there is a computer screen
woman with sad elegant gesture to drink a bowl of porridge.
That porridge laced with sleeping pills, a total of thirty pieces.
After eating, she quietly opened the account book at the top to write the final accounts: Lianhua Company Wages, 2050 yuan.
Then on a letter written last words: Renyankewei.

write strike, she went to sit on the couch, I suddenly remembered what the bed.
A man was lying in bed, sleeping.

She looked down, tenderness, looking at the serene face, slowly spit out a word:

“Shan season, do you love me?”

man woke up, vaguely said the sentence: “to sleep with dead-like.” And at the moment, but a woman fell on his pillow, a dream sleep.

I watched this scene, his eyes very sour, tears did not flow down.
This movie is too long, one hundred and fifty minutes of time sufficient to consume dry a person the urge to cry.
The Jiao Ruan woman, all her glory have stayed on the screen, a pair of anguish of tears, I do not know can not see behind the glory and legend?

The two men cornered her, 张达民 and 唐季珊, final results are not good.
Zhang Damin removed to Hong Kong, shot a movie of their own experiences, “Whose Fault”, died of pneumonia on 36 years.
Tang Jishan went to the island, later to down and out in the end.
This should be the retribution of sorts.

But the people’s minds Nguyen gone, never to return.

I remember the beginning of the film, the three words like art can be described with Nguyen eyebrows up.
Dishou most is gentle, like a water lotus shy very cool.
Love was twenty-five, really shines is the last of the five years.
She dead, dead 3 March 1935 night.
Mother and daughter are sleeping, when the silence, the Shanghai alley staged a scene of silent tragedy.
She lay flowers and leaves after death, as if asleep.

she was asleep.

Stanley Kwan’s film, details of the deal always one-upmanship, clothing, chemical, said the three are doing very meticulous, Maggie becomes a thick two thin crescent, play within the play actors face
On a lot of flapping white powder, like the Japanese geisha.
Tang Jishan gave Nguyen the house is the living room wallpaper pattern Actress cheongsam.
Peace Hotel’s ballroom, the jazz and blues prevalent.
That UMC’s yard is huge glass studio, a huge wall of Shanghai Street, Broadway building and outside the White Bridge, there Sassoon House.
The top wall is never the subject into the camera, as the living can not come out of their life.

drama off screen, overlapping the triple depth of field.
Access off before film director, guiding the scene of a heavy, Nguyen lives in a heavy film, shooting Nguyen played the film, but also a heavy.
Such an arrangement, people have a misconception, as if his own life is a drama, but not to come to a close.
I guess off the director was thinking, because he let Maggie in the movie, said the sentence: good actors are crazy, I am.
Maggie is an actor, Ruan Lingyu is an actor, the actors playing actors, quite interesting.

Speaking Maggie Cheung’s performance, I think, in “In the Mood for Love” where you can see “Center Stage,” the shadow, Ms Nguyen played her improvement and extension.
Delicate eyes, delicate movements, there was a touch of sadness casual.
There would be a detail sheet, Chen Yanyan asked Nguyen, I heard that you draw an eyebrow take an hour?
I do not know whether the sarcasm.
Nguyen then the pear vortex smile, said, anybody actually you, but I want to draw a line in Harbin eyebrow two hours.

look, this is the old Shanghai woman, live so meticulous, needle eyes have really Cave.
Zhang Ailing 川嫦, will die when it tried the shoes, I thought, this would really strong skin, can also wear two or three years, she died after two weeks.
Actress afraid single sleeping pills hard to swallow, put the drug transferred to porridge, a mouthful to drink oakley sunglasses sale, the share of the delight, the share of self-pity, really makes people lamented not cope.
“Moment in Peking” in Ruby’s death, and Mo woman similar, reveals a third of the tragic sadness.
Nguyen and Chuan Chang’s death, it is easy to install word Indus rain, empty stage dripping out.

the whole movie, my favorite is the three scene.
Center Stage game is played Yonggang then the “Goddess” at home practicing moves, Tang Jishan came in, smiling, that’s what you look like?
Nguyen gently spit cigarette, smiles tenderly said, Li Sai-Zhen is a prostitute, Li Shan is the game, you in the end to what, you say ah?
It looked really coquettish Life, but it is implied in tears.
Nguyen followed Tang Jishan, like tassels along Fan Yanagihara, Zhang Ailing if not the outcome in the seemingly wonderful moment stopped, if not upset yourself tassels, Yanagihara not so dandy, and that the outcome would not much difference Nguyen.

The second field is starring Ruan Lingyu “New Woman”, at the show last scene, the director Cai Chusheng has been halted, Nguyen yet quilt hooded head, sobbing.
This is usually happy, smiling woman is really a different person, but just as the star revealed Nguyen, standing above the crowd fragile heart.

The third scene is a review of this movie people will say, that is the end of the period sashay solo.

She selflessly indulging in one central dance floor, the 唐季珊 downwards to the side.
Her suicide note, said Susan quarter, after my death, people will say that you are playing the female demon, I can stop it, you have to go alone suffered.
She said Ji Shan, I’m gone, you can do what you love to do, I’m so happy.
So tonight, is the last of her life happy, she wants to enjoy a good place to enjoy.
She kissed all the directors in that field dinner, congratulations film companies to install a recording device.
She said that next time, I can speak on the screen, just as I went to high school speech tomorrow, like speak Mandarin.
This is probably the last of her life a little nostalgia, like a smile before she died, she said that the last sentence, Ji Shan, do you love me?

watched this film, I know Maggie Why not star in “Everlasting Regret”, and she has been in “In the Mood for Love” was repeated once Nguyen’s sad, and somewhat beyond, do not want to repeat
Only Tony Cheng’s role also, the repeat of the Cai Chusheng weak and helpless.

Renyankewei, the river flows in the moon, perhaps a memorial to the dead youth.
Absolute beauty, mercury lamps Merry halted, since no one can continue.


A Nguyen’s death more than fifty carrier, a woman named Barbara Yung
Repeat this tragedy, but also at night, in their homes, just swallow sleeping pills into the open gas suicide.
Death no one knows what tomorrow this same woman on the Hong eliminate jade meteorite, I thought she could continue to sustain the baseless rumor, and that the last of the carnival, but is a strong performance.

Renyankewei, became a terrible spell, touch curse is undone.
Just a few years ago, Hong Kong star Pauline suicide, though the impact as before, but the two names were mentioned.

And that brings me, and now the entertainment these women fear is not easy.
Zhao Wei wearing a flag mounted, become common knowledge, although later took the theme of anti-Japanese “Moment in Peking”, but people are still obsessed with pink oakley sunglasses to curse her premature death.
Nicholas Tse Faye Wong’s fans in disdain, then why do not care deeply about her bad luck, looking forward to?
Besides that Zhang Ziyi, and Japanese militarism played a backwaters American film “Memoirs of a Geisha”, the domestic many people will have to kill them quickly.
I do not know if these people are not really mind all day filled with national cause, so that excessive ideology, became Lu Xun’s crazy, but that madman just afraid to eat people, and now these new “madman” is all day long clamored
put people to eat.
Flyover skill can not just lip service, again Sino-Japanese War, the madman is not really able to go up with the little devils fight or two bayonets, doubtful.

human convenience, their own convenience.
Nowadays network cohabitation, do not say anything responsibly.
However, random advise appraise dwellers, mouth mercy, someday Zhao, Zhang two lady really find a short-sighted, you are not being backbite, and my heart is not afraid of big comfortable, right?

the pen point, should also stop the oakley sunglasses locations.
The said and, Renyankewei, have to give yourself some leeway.
Otherwise, not sympathy Ruan Lingyu, fell into scolded Yu, may not worth myself!

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to regain the nature of goodness—— review of ‘oliver twist’

顾竹屹 上海市实验学校高三(1)班 阅读书目:雾都孤儿 oliver twist (书虫· 牛津英汉双语读物)

oliver twist, one of the most famous works of charles dickens’, is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in britain in 18th century.

the author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in london.

the hero of this novel was oliver twist, an orphan, who was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime. he suffered enormous pain, such as hunger, thirst, beating and abuse. while reading the tragic experiences of the little oliver, i was shocked by his sufferings. oakley sunglasses with headphonesi felt for the poor boy, but at the same time i detested the evil fagin and the brutal bill. to my relief, as was written in all the best stories, the goodness eventually conquered devil and oliver lived a happy life in the end. one of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft, little oliver was allowed to recover in the kind care of mrs. maylie and rose and began a new life. he went for walks with them, or rose read to him, and he worked hard at his lessons. he felt as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty.

how can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain pure in body and mind? the reason is the nature of goodness. i think it is the most important information implied in the novel by dickens—he believed that goodness could conquer every difficulty. although i don’t think goodness is omnipotent, yet i do believe that those who are kind-hearted livoakley sunglasses onlinee more happily oakley women sunglassesthan those who are evil-minded.

for me, the nature of goodness is one of the most necessary character for a person. goodness is to humans what water is to fish. he who is without goodness is an utterly worthless person. on the contrary, as the famous saying goes, ‘the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose’, he who is with goodness undoubtedly is a happy and useful person. people receiving his help are grateful to him and he also gets gratified from what he has done, and thus he can do good to both the people he has helped and himself.

to my disappointment, nowadays some people seem to doubt the existence of the goodness in humanity. they look down on people’s honesty and kindness, thinking it foolish of people to be warm-hearted. as a result, they show no sympathy to those who are in trouble and seldom offer to help others. on the other hand, they attach importance to money and benefit. in their opinion, money is the only real object while emotions and morality are nihility. if they cannot get profit from showing their ‘kindness’, they draw back when others are faced with trouble and even hit a man when he is down. they are one of the sorts that i really detest.

francis bacon said in his essay, ‘goodness, of all virtues and dignities of the mind, is the greatest, being the character of the deity, and without it, man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing, no better than a kind of vermin.’

that is to say a person without goodness is destined to lose everything. therefore, i, a kind person, want to tell those ‘vermin-to-be’ to learn from the kind oliver and regain the nature of goodness.

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to live happily all the time——about “three men in a boat”

李 想 北京一零一中学高一阅读书目:三怪客泛舟记 three men in a boat (书虫· 牛津英汉双语读物)

most fairy tales end like this:“they live happily ever after.” but to george, harris and j, “ever after” is far from enough. their belief is to live happily all the time. who are these three guys? they are the “bestest” pals from a humorous english book — three men in a boat.

just take a look at these three funny guys: you can meet them anywhere at any time. all of them have great aspirations and plenty of passion. but in the morning, none of them like to wake up early. all of them want to be great explorers. but on rainy days, they all prefer to stay by the warm fireplace. yes, it’s our harris, george and j. and now, they are taking a vacation on the famous thames.

they started off in a little boat, which none of them would like to drive. they kept explaining that they didn’t come out for fun—they were taking a rest because of some so called “dreadful disease”. when they were travelioakley ladies sunglassesng, they couldn’t stop making jokes on others. when they were cooking, they couldn’t stop the eggs from getting on their pans. when they finally gave up the boat and went home by train, they still couldn’t stop telling each other how clever it was to be “three men out of boat”……

such a simple story has brought me lots of laugher and thoughts. i laughed over their funny troubles and funny talkings all along the trip. and also i found that i came to admire them after laughing each time. because when they met something in trouble, or their own complicated jobs came, firoakley sunglasses lens replacementst, they would burst into laughter at once, and then started to solve the problem slowly with partience and happiness. sometimes i was surprised by them. because something that happens in our daily life such as losing the wallet, or a bad weather, will make every one of us complain and be upset for long. but how about the three men in the boat? they will certainly laugh at it first! they giggle, they grin, they smile. they have taught me how to laugh at trouble, to smile at hard work, and to laugh away tears. it’s a good way to face my blue days. as a student, i always complain about my homework, my parents, and my classmates. but george, harris and j told me: there’s no point in complaining. just face your life and try to find the good side of everything. and also remember to cherish friendship—like the three of them.

yes, yes. sometimes they seemed to be “cynical” or “lazy”. but the fire of live, diligence, and happiness is burning in their hearts all the time. to them, the so called “dreadful disease” is only an excuse for their going out to relax. to them, all the trouble is the chance to use both patience and laughter. to them, all the hard work is the giftoakley sunglasses lenses from god to make them stronger and happier.

don’t just stare at the “happy ending” of “living happily every after”. think about the three men in the boat. they are common guys like you and me. but they are all very great—they have the ability to make themselves live happily all the time.

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to be or not to be, that is the question– my view on reading the star zoo

Duan Xindian Beijing Fengtai District Beijing, 10 in the third year reading list: interstellar zoo the star zoo (book
insects · Oxford English bilingual books)

as the only living things on a bare planet called “just like home”, humans felt lonely and sad. in order to live, they must get married as often as possshaun white
oakley sunglassesible and have children. unwilling to goakley sunglasses prescriptionet married, our 16-year-old protagonist named humming bird ran away from her planet and found a plastic space ship. there she met various kinds of animals, which frightened her even drove her crazy
. she had never seen such things before. only through ‘the book of remembering’ did she get some rough idea of ​​animals. after she took a small-copied cat home and showed it to the officials on her planet, the cat was shot to
death and all the officials went crazy. humming brid did not give up her attempt to let people accept the animals. she decided to set about the job from children …

that’s the brief plot of harry gilbert’s science fiction
. – 0026 lt; the star zoo 0026 gt ;. based on the reality of increasing environmental problems, the writer uses his full imagination and creativity to produce this vivid imaginative and thought-provoking story

as far as we know, animal
numbers are now diminishing all over the world every years, and the living conditions we depend on a getting worse. we dirty the air with gases and smoke, poison the water with chemicals and other substances and damage the soil with too many fertilizers and pesticides.
we also pollute our surroundings in many other ways. air, water and soil are all very important and necessary to the survival of all living things all over the world. if we human do not pay more attention to that, there will come a day
when we have to live the kind of life described in this novel. as we know, the world is made up not only of human beings but also a lot of other living things. if we do not want to leave this perfect planet, we
have to protect the environment;. otherwise, without the company of other living things, people would only be half-alive, men only half-men

nowadays, i should say, people have realized the importance of environmental
protection and ecological balance. slogans that remind us to save water and electricity are stuck everywhere, but how many are treated as requirements or duties and not just a piece of paper. if we pay a little attention to our working and study places, we always
find some taps half opened with running water, and large numbers of people get used to leave lights on during the day. dustbins for both recycled and unredeemable rubbish are placed in high density but no one bothers to throw the rubbish into the right dustbins. nor
do they even know what kind of rubbish could be recycled and what kind could not

conservation centers for protecting animals are built in many countries our government also passed some acts to protect animals;.. however, there do exist
some law-breakers who are driven by money. we plant trees very year, but no one bothers to water and care for them after planting them. for money, some farmers drive their sheep and cattle to grasslands and charge it into desert.

all in all, to every one, i want to say, “living on this wonderful planet earth, we are lucky and happy. in order to enjoy this kind of wonderful life, we must care for mother earth and put
this kind of care into prshaun white oakley sunglassesactice. “

facing the world, to be or not to be, it’s up to you. we must make a choice without any hesitation!