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the olympics – never gave up

Pan Jiabei Shanghai Foreign Language School high a reading list: Olympic the olympics (dk English-Chinese encyclopedia)

the olympic games, which originated in
ancient greece, is the most distinguished sporting event in the world. once every four years, the utmost athletes from all around are lured to gather together and spare no efforts to compete against each other and try to win a medal for the country that they represent
. frankly speaking, that was virtually all i knew about the world-famous olympic games before i had read a book entitled the olympics published by foreign language teaching and research press. however, i found even more philosophy beyond just winning medals from reading the book
, which was beyond my imagination and considerably inspiring.

someone once said, “were everybody on earth involved in some kind of sport, our world would be free of war for long.” starting from three thousand years ago
, the ancient olympic games has long been an event not only for competition but also for peace. in ancient times, no war was allowed between the cities during the games, which was rather surprising to me since i could hardly imagine warriors actally putting down their
weapons and give a break for peace the precious tradition of peace continued:. i would never fail to recall the scene of the opening ceremonies when north and south korean athletes entering the stadium with their hands held together the two neighboring countries that used to be.
enemies are no longer enemies during the games. instead they became friends. speaking of the 2004 athens olympics, perhaps most people would have the same opinion that the most noable part of the opening ceremony arrived when iraqi and afghan representatives showed up. these two unfortunate
nations, the people of which have undergone innumerable wars, are coming back again to take their own responsibility in world sports after recent invasions by america. the fearless people of iraq and afghanistan are once more sharing the spirit of the games with people from the rest
of the world.

there is another story in this book that makes me deep in thoughts. there is no doubt that the most unusual olympic games ever in history is the 1936 olympics held in germany, which was then ruled
by the nazi party. led by adolf hitler, the nazi believed that the so-called aryan people were superior to all others in all aspects. they looked down upon jews and blacks, the latter of which was aoakley sunglass repair major constitution of the united
states olympic team. despite the barrier that faced him, the african american jesse okids oakley sunglasseswens, who was a most outstanding runner and jumper, did all that he could and finally won gold medals for his country and went home a hero. this reveals another
fact toakley hijinx sunglasseshat no power on earth is able to hinder the sacred olympic games. for all participants, no matter what their gender, race, nationalities and backgrounds are, equality is distributed among every one who observes the game’s rules.

at the 2004 athens olympics, our chinese team did extraordinarily well we ranked second on the medal lists for the first time in history in my opinion, however, we should not only concentrate on the figure of medals;.. instead the strength
and perseverance of those who failed to get any medals ought to be highly cherished. whether ever success or failure, whether ever cheer or tear, whether ever medal or not, the never-gave-up spirits of athletes are always motivating us. i believe
in the year 2008, the world will focus all their attention to beijing, china, where the glory of the games will continue to thrive forever!

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the bermuda triangle

Zhang Pei Zhu Haidian District Yuying Secondary High School (eight) class reading list: Bermuda Triangle the bermuda triangle (dk English-Chinese encyclopedia)

after reading the bermuda triangle,
i became very curious about the bermuda triangle area. why did the flight 19 disappear? why did clouds in the sky suddenly turn yellow?

from the book i knew that in the bermuda triangle area, the compasses and other
instruments stop working. if it is true, oakley prescription sunglassesthat will be terrible. we can not work out which direction we are going to. the main part of the triangle lies between southern florida, bermuda, and puerto rico, but odd things also
happened in the sargasso sea and all the way south to barbados.

up till now, many strange things have happened in this area. there are four major types of odd things that people can not explain. the first is
about the yellow cloud in the sky. some pilots and ships’ captains reported that they saw a yellow fog in the bermuda triangle. when they approached the area, the sky suddenly turned yellow, the sea and the sky seemed to join together. as a
result, they could not tell where they were, or in what direction they were heading.

the second odd thing is the missing of ships, planes and sailors. ever since old times, reports have been accumulated about missing
sailing ships and sailors. in modern times, planes and pilots also got lost. over 1,500 people have disappeared in the bermuda triangle area in the past 50 years.

the third strange thing is that in this area compasses and
other instruments stop working. even the satellite connection is gone.

the last strange thing is that people see strange lights and unidentified ships in this area. and more ufos are reported in this area than in any other parts of
the world.

many modern reports about the bermuda triangle show that a strange yellow fog frequently emerges above the sea. in 1966, a tug called the good news was going to fort lauderdale from puerto rico. she was pulling
a cargo barge behind her on the end of a strong line. the good news was a very powerful ship. however, when she got to the are a of her mid-voyage between puerto rico and port lauderdale, the instruments on the ship suddenly went
mad. most of them stopped working. the compass ran around and around crazily. when the sailors looked out, they found a yellow fog covering the barge. at the end of the line, the sea and sky seemed to join together. captain henry and
his crew tried their best and finally the ship’s engines were turned to full power, and the cargo barge came out the fog.

after consulting many books, i found that the tale of yellow fog has been of a current
basis. people did not mention that fog in the past. i personally perceive that the yellow fog is a natural phenomenon of modern times. the sea area between puerto rico and port lauderdale has been heavily polluted in the past several decades. large quantity of hydrochloric
acid water has been thrown into the sea. chemical analyses show that hydrochloric acid is one of the principal pollutants in the water. still more data indicate that manganese nucleus has been found among the mineral deposits in the seabed of this area. beneath the surface of
the seawater grows a red plant called sargassum. this plant can produce oxygen. when manganese joins the oxygen, they become manganese dioxide (mno2), which in turn interacts with the hhydrochloric acid contained in the water. when the heating condition is satisfied, a
yellow gas of chlorine will be generated as the following formula shows:.

thus, the yellow fog around the cargo is most probably the chloric gas as for the heaviness felt by the.
tug, i think we need to take the nervousness of the sailors into consideration. so my claim is that the strange yellow fog is not a wicked stranger of any kind, but a frankenstein of our own.

i am
also curious about the experience of catalina. catalina is a flying boat. on june 11, 1986, she was on her way to jacksonville. when martin caidin and his friends were enjoying their flying, they found that the clear sky was suddenly full of cloud
. soon they were trapped in the cloud and all the instruments on the plane stopped working. when they were flying blindly, cardin found a small hole in front of the cockpit. the hole went down through the cloud all the way to the ocean. they
soon discovered that they were flying at the same speed with the small hole, so they grasped the chance and flew within the sight of the small piece of blue sea. after struggling for a couple of hours, suddenly they found themselves flying in a clear blue
sky again. they were safe and sound now.

in my opinion, the yellow cloud they encountered and the small hole of blue sea must be a waterspout. the bermuda triangle area is also known for its unusual weather.
sudden storms are common and some weather conditions can produce waterspout. as we know, most waterspouts have a hole in the oakley sunglasses amazonmiddle which is known as the “eye of waterspout”. this “eye” is in fact a small area where air in
enclosed by the circling clouds moving in very quick speed. if the objects pulled up by the quick wind can manage to fly at the same speed with this “eye”, they may fortunately get through the waterspout without being destroyed. cardin and his friends were
those lucky ones who were caught in the middle of the “eye” and their well-equipped plane enabled them to fly at the same speed with it. thanks to their plane and their good luck, they survived the waterspout and finally got to safety.

the strange phenomena in the bermuda triangle area tell us that human beings are only one part of the nature. through the long history of development, men got to know more and more about juliet oakley sunglassesthe world we are living
in. however, there are still more natural phenomena we do not know. whilst we try to ask the nature to give us more, we need to pay close attention to what we have done to the nature. and to know this world and the universe
our planet belongs to, we human beings still have a long way to go.