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“Lilliput and Brobdingnag” Book

In October 8, 2009 in the afternoon, I bought three books: “Lilliput and Brobdingnag,” “The Adventures of the country lies” and “is whether or not the story,” which I like to see the British `Adams River
Raith close-up of “Brobdingnag and Lilliput,” because the people in this country are no more than three inches tall dwarf, but I also relatively short.

Reading this book, my feeling is: the masters of this paper is very bold, and the face of danger oakley holbrook sunglasses can be calm, and be able to move forward.
I think I was too timid, and oakley sunglasses parts, and I’m the face of danger and difficulty very scared, can not stop thinking slowly, I will find some of the language in deceiving themselves, rather than the facts say.

I certainly will not be so timid in the future, but difficulties is to march ahead.
But not reckless courage, but the next stop and seriously think about the premise.
And, if I encounter any danger in the future, such as earthquakes, fires, etc., must take the students wish to leave to others, and then think of a way to escape from himself in danger oakley m frame, if we are trapped in one place, then, I must
inspiring everyone’s spirit, then stop and think of a way out.

I also know that the book does not come with a small State in Ancient Graves eggs from which the two countries because this small knock on the head caused by the war, from which I learned a

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After reading “Pearl Bird”, I finally understand the trust plays an important role in the interaction of the

0026 ldquo; trust, often create a better state.
0026 Rdquo;

This is the emotion of the issue with a bird exchanges, a timid bird pearl, in good faith with the author of the exchanges, trust the author, regard him as a friend, so courageous big up gradually.

Indeed, interpersonal trust is really essential.
If a person is trusting in the exchanges, sincere, honest and trustworthy, then other people will think of him as close friends, will also have to trust Him, friendly, even in time of distress will bring him
help; on the contrary, if a person does not trust others, always suspicious, that I do not know how annoying cause misunderstandings, how many innocent quarrel caused much irreconcilable enemy erected.

read the Three Kingdoms of people know, once, when the battle of Guan Yu (Designate) oakley sunglasses golf, misfortune Poison, Guan Yu Hua Tuo geniuses trust,
do not hesitate to reach out and let him Guagu Hua Tuo poison, because Guan Yu Hua’s trust, which makes Guan Yu had later majestic.
However, the same please Hua Tuo cure, but there are different Cao Hua Tuo was suspected heart disease cure yet to put Hua Tuo killed, before long, Cao Cao, where he died on the terminally ill.
At the time of the crisis, Guan Yu showing a gentleman’s demeanor, that is true, but it is a villain Cao Cao’s mind, paranoid personality eventually he embarked on the road to ruin .
(Appropriate arguments)

With trust ignite the flame of a candle exchanges, friendship will not be misunderstood to blow out, it will not be extinguished by adversity, as sincere wick burn forever in heaven and earth 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; to bring large tracts of the world

over the history of the ring, over the vast sea of ​​books in the face of this colorful world.
We can not forget, one after another because they do not trust the treaty fails; again and again because they do not trust and cooperation disbanded; one after another because they do not trust and smile mistaken hypocrites; a greeting one another because they do not trust
The mistaken though they care 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; a white-haired old beggar, because there is no discussion to starve to death in the street money because passers-by indifference it?
I think just because of apathy, more importantly, is not trust between us, because they do not trust, so cold.
Filled with all kinds of information in this society, to see those beggars on the street, we naturally think of 0026 ldquo; get money 0026 rdquo; this word, it is because we are suspicious of these ideas, which makes those who need help
were mistaken to become a liar.
Imagine if every one of us to open our hearts youth oakley sunglasses, trust others, it would be what a wonderful realm?
Small is to promote relationships, in the promotion of social development, the rise of Chinese nation’s great and lasting peace in the world today and it can be too!
Let us trust lit candles from the exchanges to create a better society oakley liv sunglasses now!