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He was a cattle; he is a weed; he is a hero.
He witnessed historical changes; he witnessed surging; he renewed the Chinese people more motivated Firelight.
He is Lu Xun.
The Zang’s 0026 lt; some people 0026 gt; then let me a deeper understanding of Lu Xun, by reading between the lines, to show us a great soul.
Yes, the face of the dark society, people face numb, he revealed with a sharp stroke evils.
Reactionaries brutal acts and not intimidated by him.
Chang Road hero, what is a hero?
Namely hero!
As the poem is written, 0026 quot; he lived, to the majority of people live better 0026 quot ;. sketched out in his mind the two characters 0026 quot; world 0026 quot ;. vast world, all chaos, only he, Rain or shine, unbending; only
He, with insight into all of oakley perscription sunglasses look into the eyes of society.
Now, while we are in the face of the late Mr. Lu Xun, we can not be ashamed of who it?
Fame, money, honor, which is not the same temptation to the people?
There are a few people can centering Ren Xing?
Which person would have to stand up and snapped up the evils of this society?

0026 Quoakley sunglasses prescriptionot; people are born good 0026 quot ;, in the life of the sunrise, we, what should we do?
The answer is self-evident.
I can not guarantee I’ll be as great as Mr. Lu Xun, at least, we should retain the kind of dedication to their dedication.
Thus, when the sun sets, we can have a clear conscience, I am worthy of my own, I am worthy of him, and that a weed, that a cattle, that a hero, and that a witness to history, witnessed the situation, rekindle people’s Firelight
People – Lu

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read sleep ice this article, I said with deep feeling : the text of the plot twists and double happiness , village cadres, their bizarre experience left me with a deep impression.

This paper recounts the Devils sweep , a drink called Double Happiness of eight village cadres to hide some Japs , so that people cover eight , village cadres have been hidden in the Wei Tang Baiyangdian oakley sunglasses ebay , has been on the ice to live , people
has been sent to bring food for them to wear , they do have very strong.

Double Happiness paper Yu village leaders , although they live in the ice , but also had a great time .

Text all tasks are deeply touched me in so cold days discounted oakley sunglasses air to live , still live on the ice , they talked and laughed , but also very strong, slept for a few days and nights on the ice
, eyebrows are swelling up , waist , legs, stomach also rattan , but no one smiling , do not complain .
In this paper , Mei and her daughter on the ice flies also show a good mood , look, they are much stronger !
Xiaomei wearing trousers rotten people sent to live on the ice , also smiling , Mei and her daughter really be the most beautiful woman eight ah !

Reading the “Sleeping ice ” article let me know oakley liv sunglasses strong, no matter what the situation, regardless of the outcome , we must have the confidence to do what must be strong in the face .

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