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ray of sunshine poked his head out the window and gently told me that a new day begins .
Sunday is the most fun thing I read today was the turn of spiritual food ” Insect ” the.

Into the ” Insect ” as if into a magical world of insects interesting , imaginative architects have termites, killing oakley glasses beautiful hand mantis , stick insect camouflage home 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; one of the singer 0026 mdash; cicada deeply
attracted me, when the sun baked the earth was burning almost melted oakley sunglasses uk , only cicadas are still on the branches sang 0026 ldquo; cicadas 0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; cicadas 0026 rdquo ;.
People often think of singing cicadas companion to call , but the French entomologist Fabre After several observations, found several cicadas only together, they are still singing loudly .
Then Fabre mind flashed an idea : do not be no hearing cicadas sing all day , right ?
In order to prove his ideas, Fabre with two shotgun while shooting , deafening gunfire even he stuffed his ears, a few steps away in the slightest movement no cicadas , oakley twenty sunglasses like nothing ever
In this way, the original one day cicada Fabre proved deaf students .
But people why it is not easy to catch cicadas ?
Because no hearing cicadas , has a well-developed vision.

In our daily life, if you can develop good habits and more careful observation of everything , then you will find that before the end of some of these new things .
Let us find scientists feel it , please you and I went into the ” Insect .”

0026 nbsp;

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5.12 this special day you remember?
I believe we will never forget , that’s Wenchuan earthquake occurred eight days , on the day of 14:28 , houses collapsed , the school collapsed, factories collapsed, Sichuan compatriots ‘ lives are an instant
Scourge killed .
Premier Wen Jiabao after the first time he heard the news came to Wenchuan rescue work , and later, after enthusiastically donate money and foreign peoples, it makes Wenchuan fellow citizens through this disaster , this interpretation of the natural disasters, relentless world is love ah

Although the disaster left many children lost their parents , many parents lost their own children 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; however , in this sudden disaster, let us see the world situation everywhere , general took a secondary school teacher Tan ages
teacher for it!
May 12 afternoon , Tan teachers in classrooms , desks suddenly shaken up, Tan teacher realized that an earthquake , immediately directing students to evacuate , but in the end there is not washed out of four students , the teacher immediately Tan oakley minute sunglasses students leave class
under the table , his hands on the desk himself to protect students oakley sunglasses price.
When rescuers found Tan teacher, he sacrificed himself , cover your body under the four students was saved.
Tan , 51, a teacher with their own interpretation of the precious lives of the soul of love and responsibility, morality , people praise him 0026 ldquo; hero immortal spirit Chiaki 0026 rdquo ;.

The face of danger , Tan teachers simply did not think his oakley sunglasses warranty , one would like the students wish to leave the students , no matter what the price paid will not let any harm students .
If Tan teacher standing in front of me now , I want to say to him : 0026 ldquo; Tan teacher, you have done right, I support you, you are good , you to save four students are not afraid to sacrifice his own life, I admire
you , you are a selfless , dedicated teacher.
0026 rdquo;

Tan ages teacher, in his short life , with their own lives to write an ode to love , his heroic image will always remain in people’s minds , he kind of immortal love .