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0026 nbsp; mom always taught me : 0026 ldquo; failing oakley sunglasses for sale to be calm, not just angry.
0026 rdquo; Today I read a story: a man and a neighbor because of a trivial quarrel , argue flushed , who also refused to let the who , the last man angrily ran to find local wisest and most reasonable reason a pastor comment
A priest saw the man began his complaints and accusations , the priest interrupted him an excuse to let him go back to something .
The next day , the man was irate priest came to reprove others , priests still sent him back.
Row for several days , and that people do not look for the priest .
One day, the priest met the man on the road , the priest smiled and asked if he should reason with it?
The man ashamed oakley sunglasses prescroakley sunglasses for womeniption smiled and said : 0026 ldquo; calm I have it!
Now think of it is not a big deal, not worth angry .
0026 rdquo; pastor fast nor slow the right man said : 0026 ldquo; That’s right , I want you to give yourself time to vent its anger .
Remember: Do not speak and act in a fit of anger .

This story reminds me a lot of things happen in life , life would have been encountered many unpleasant things , everything should be calm and think with the brain with , tantrums can not solve the problem , it will only make things

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Today, I was at home reading Lesson 16 ” as good as gold .”
When I read 0026 ldquo; scheduled return to his North Station every night to dry under the bridge near the home to help push food dish .
To the fifth day at dawn , he finally had enough of two dollars , the lack of great, then fell asleep in the bridge opening .
0026 rdquo; time .
I was deeply moved , suddenly I felt a soul sublimation.

Began to read , I was lost in thought , I remember one winter , my friends and I made ​​an appointment to go to a park to play , and I are ready, they are spies 007 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; brother found out, my brother and I would like to
go, I refused, but my brother did not promise life and death , blubber , I resorted to the 0026 ldquo; summoning 0026 rdquo; attracted my parents came.
A brother came to see my parents , my father was afraid to fight him , do not trouble .
I was about to go , it was loud Hezhu Dad, I suddenly felt hot scalp , I thought : 0026 ldquo; Yeah, over, was my father found a cheap oakley sunglasses australia , how to do ?
0026 rdquo; father said : 0026 ldquo; do go ,, oakley baseball sunglasses are one o’clock , and go homework !
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; friends say I have to play a little better , besides you usually love to say that everyone should trustworthy ah !
I can not done it ah.
0026 rdquo; , I retorted .
After a heated argument , the father ‘s face was red , I say , speechless.
I saw him, he scampered away, I time to park in the biting wind , I moderate a long time, but oakley twenty sunglasses friend had not come , I know , a friend had done it .
My heart is broken, our friendship is broken .

Chill hit, I could not help shivering , I felt my friends, can not be compared with that boy , let us be honest and trustworthy person , because as good as gold .

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” travel dag ” Book

Det er en mann , han ønsket et maleri på veggen spiker, hammer og spiker er klar oakley m frame , men han også Xiangnong to trestykker , maleriet hang .
Da han fant trestykker , trebiter og fant en litt stor , så han ønsket å custom oakley solbriller finne en sag til å skjære av hjørnene.
Så noen ganger , han fant , så altfor sløv, og han gikk for å se rasp , men han fant også ut håndtaket rasp vet ikke når , så 0026 hellip ; 0026 hellip ;

Denne mannen fra morgen til kveld , resultatene har ikke skrevet noen innlegg på veggen av maleriet , kona spurte hva han gjorde den dagen , hva han faktisk ikke kan huske.

Etter å ha lest denne historien , jeg føler meg veldig 0026 ldquo ; 0026 rdquo ; , morsom mann Manglebantian har glemt sine opprinnelige mål, og hvis billig ekte Oakley solbriller hans kone ikke spørre hva han gjorde den dagen , da denne personen
det kan ha vært ingen anelse opptatt ned.

Selv om jeg tror denne historien er 0026 ldquo, morsom 0026 rdquo ; men jeg forstår sannheten fra denne historien , og det er: Everyone ting er uatskillelig fra sine mål , hvis avvek fra sine egne mål , din energi vil

0026 Nbsp ;

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” the fate of the two sons of ” Book

A story about a ruthless father and drink oakley sunglasses prices, drug abuse, he felt life is drinking, drugs.
Turning a blind eye on his two sons , did not mind.

Finally one day, the father to see a bartender is not pleasing to the eye , the attack on the hands while committing murder , sentenced to life imprisonment in the bar .

His two children aged just under one year old, one year old ! , On a year old ! Eldest son to see the situation of life , I feel alive no meaning , they begin to fend for themselves , fights , mixed gangs .
Later, influenced by his father, also embarked on the path of crime.

The younger son of the situation , not to mention , my father and brother are turning a blind eye to this poor child , the poor child begins at home near the stream oakley sports sunglasses waves, he thought: Do I have to rely on street life to earn a living ?
Live a life of shame , embark on the path of crime ?
I strongly do not believe in fate , I slowly toward the poor from the rich life , happiness.

With this faith , oakley sunglasses kids he began to study hard.
Grow up to rely on their own strength to work , save money , and access to higher education , and gradually improve their position.
Finally .
He served as the general manager of a large company , there is a happy marriage of smoke , and raised three lovely children.

Why the same road father of two children born choice but vary it?
Because the eldest son of his own people did not goals in life, and low self-esteem will naturally turned to crime .

The little son?
His situation still worse than his brother , but he did not give up, but give yourself a goal in life , to work hard for their goals , go ahead , for themselves to break a world of their own .

Now I know how to create your own build out their own piece of the sky .

0026 nbsp;

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