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Last night, I watched a movie 0026 mdash; 0026 mdashused oakley sunglasses; “2012 end of the world .”
It is really a great inspiration to me , if people do not take good care of the environment , perhaps the illusion of the movie will become a real fact.

In a foreign place , weather oakley holbrook in a blink of an eye the moment a very big change occurred: volcanic eruptions, solar consecutive days , summer kitchen on snow and ice , people are sick .
But the fate of God to save them , and this may be a God -arranged .
Pregnant women, daughters, doctors , father, who put a cross into the pyramid , which although it is a coincidence, but also rely on our faith, do not give up .

Anyway, why would the coming end of the world , it is because human beings do not take good care of the environment and the planet.
Street garbage everywhere, also exudes waves smell.
They say the sky is blue , and I have seen it is gray.
Why our country is water-poor country ?
Because our water without restraint 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Our wealth is increasing, and the green of life is less and less.
If true until the end of the world comes, it is already a cat on hot bricks .
Apocalyptic alarm has sounded , the human senses it

We have to treat the earth , protect the earth , can not let end of the world .

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oakley jawbone sunglasses on Wednesday afternoon , I watched the musical drama ” Snow White” at home.

show began , in the form of a lively musical drama tells us a happy story: There was once a hard-working kind of Snow White , she looks very beautiful , so she ‘s very jealous of her stepmother , trying to trap her,
even want to kill her .

oakley sunglasses radar despite the pure goodness of Snow White , but went on to win the Seven Dwarfs and the Prince of care and love , but she is still in the Queen ‘s treacherous , was queen killed .
Prince dwarfs and animals was very sad , and they love to Snow White ‘s condensed into a powerful force , awaken the sleeping Snow White .
Experienced all the hardships , eventually defeated the evil goodness .

After reading this musical drama, recalls the drama of each episode , I very frustrating .
Queen and Snow White these two characters, a ruthless and jealous , another hard-working kind, beautiful and selfless .
In sharp contrast essence of them, so that my heart had a strong shock.

” Snow White” Although it is a fairy tale , but tell people a simple truth : a man to do a moral , kind and selfless person.
I was a fifth-grade primary school students, though did not make any earth-shattering things come , but I decided to study hard, from childhood love of learning , love of labor , a good habit of helping others to become a spiritual beautiful person , a good future for the people

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Today is Saturday , I went to the library, took a “happy writing .”
Which has a ” first time to buy things ,” caught my attention .
I will read it with relish .
I want to buy something so simple, why do authors feel very uncomfortable ?
And my heart why there is also a difficult mentality is this?

wrote a play in this game of being at home, neck , my aunt called me to the store to buy a bag of MSG, which is the author of life for the first time to buy things , and their own money to buy again and then took two West MSG,
the store has a young salesman .
For his service , the aunt to him what you want , they quickly aunt who gave him the money and gave him his psychological thought: a little faster , my aunt was still there waiting for me.
He oakley sunglasses coupons aunt is to exercise the author’s perseverance , but also want to exercise his own self-confidence.
Author buy something that is a difficult thing , but the fact that when it is very simple .

From here , I think , when I was six , my father called me downstairs to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine , I readily agreed , dad discounted oakley sunglasses dad gave me 30 bucks to
downstairs to buy things, I started off to the downstairs , I entered the store had an aunt aunt smiling face , said: what do you need ?
I said: a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine.
Aunt rapid divers took over and calculated, a total of 25 yuan .
I would put my money to the aunt , the aunt said: the money received is good, walking , sometimes long to .
I quickly went home.
Dad also boast me: is a sensible child , and grew up.

From here to see how things are not difficult , but do not give yourself confidence that with self-confidence , they will be successful.

Indeed, we should try to be the following conclusions .

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I heard 0026 ldquo; sun sister 0026 rdquo; Wu Meizhen has a new book it!
I took my father ‘s hand toward the bookstore to buy one .
Ha , the original title called “chocolate flavored summer ,” Yeah !
Attractive enough to listen to the name of it!
I can not wait to open the book , read it with relish .

This story main point is that after graduating from sixth grade graduate students to face for the first time rose sadness of parting summer when high school .
Protagonist favorite items tasted the unique taste of graduation oakley lenses, like that taste like chocolate , bitter and sweet , had intimacy six oakley sungloakley sunglasses with friends after graduation Laoyanfenfei headphonesasses flak jacket , 0026 ldquo; boss 0026 rdquo; Cai bent
even going to Shanghai , the hearts that infinite loneliness and frustration, only you can appreciate .
When they were a few good students to get together last time when we had sounded tears.

hey , the world is not ending feast !
Primary school leaving, is the first among the parting of our lives , for our students is concerned, is like life to death, a child easier fragile emotional mind , let alone parting not others, but to get along with classmates six years
If the future can meet, is 0026 ldquo; most familiar stranger 0026 rdquo; only.
In a small study, where the sun sister , wrote things students are happy campus life interesting, that this is written after graduation parting sorrow , which is more likely to highlight the students’ pure friendship .

We’ll have to parting , I do not know that we would not like them reluctant favorite item like it?
Some , certainly will.

I like this book.