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read “Reading Mo put stumbling block” felt

A few days ago I learned of a text , called : “Reading Mo put the stumbling block ,” which is self- text article content is :

When reading vocabulary students encounter is 0026 ldoakley clip on sunglassesquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo ;, some trouble or anxious to know the following, they do not look up , leading to some easy to read the wrong pronunciation and meaning of the word is very
easily misunderstood , if some people would like to read a sad heart, it would be wrong, then again , this time you encounter a stumbling block detour , maybe next time reading, it ran over the road stopped it !

We want to develop good study habits , when reading a dictionary around the place , met 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; will find it help ; You can also write down the book on their own pronunciation and meaning of new words , if you want to read in one breath
down, you can first use a pen to circle down vocabulary , reading , etc. , and again looking from the dictionary.

Strong word to remember , it must frequently look up , someone said : 0026 ldquoil rig oakley sunglasseso; encounter new words , then look up , over a period of time has blurred the memory , then go to the dictionary , so repeatedly , and finally remember
live 0026 quot ;.
So wash dictionary is sweeping 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; most kids oakley sunglasses good way.

I think : When we read, put around a dictionary is good, encountered a 0026 ldquo; stumbling block 0026 rdquo; must not let go of it , use the dictionary to destroy them, so we can not only recognize more words , but also to develop
good reading habits, let us work together to take immediate action now !

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0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; remember fourth grade , when I read , learn an article called Care of the text.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; then , as the fourth grade , I feel not deep .
Now , oakley jupiter sunglasses I have to look at that piece of paper people love each other .
Two years later, I feel as 6th grade was increased .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; I still remember the lesson in this oakley sunglasses repair words: If we can Care in life, will be for the elderly to give birth to a respected ; child increases a
caring ; will make more tolerance and understanding between people .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; yes ah, Care learn to love , we all love our loved ones , we also hope that their loved ones at a difficult time to get care.
We not only love their loved ones, the feelings between people is the same profound .
They also love their parents and family.
But if everyone is thinking only difficult to get care for themselves and their families when , while he is not someone trapped in difficult oakley sports sunglasses big time to give care.
I was the only one for all , only man for me.
We should learn to love , when people encounter difficulties , and hope that our concern like water flowing through his heart.
I then have a wonderful childhood , will also have a white-haired old age .
Do you want to be like small time , like tears fall also nobody you?
Do not you want when you walk way white-haired , someone help you cross the road yet ?
Civilization is maintained by everyone , not by individuals completed .
Not have a song?
As long as everyone contributes a little love

The world will become a better human .
Dear friends , do not mean you love.
Gave you a caring, let us hand in hand towards a better tomorrow.
I believe that in the world of love , there you have me , but also for him.

0026 nbsp;

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0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026noakley sunglasses wikibsp; 这是一封信,是一封普通cheap oakley sunglasses for sale而又富有哲理的信。这是巴金爷爷带着重病为家乡孩子们写的一封回信。
0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp; 前几天,我学习了著名作家巴金爷爷的《给家乡孩子的信》。信中主要写了巴金爷爷对自己的一生的感悟从而教育孩子们0026ldquo;生命的意义在于奉献而不在于享受0026rdquo;,表达了巴金爷爷对家乡孩子们真诚的关爱与无限的希望和期待。
0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp; 学完课文,我对巴金爷爷的那句0026ldquo;让我的生命开花结果0026rdquo;有了更深的理解。我觉得,只有为别人奉献爱,为别人付出精力,为他人花费时间,同情更多的人,给予别人更多,为别人多想一点,生命才会0026ldquo;开花结果。0026rdquo;我们人oakley sunglasses不能在自私自利中虚度一生,我们要尽力为生活中的社会添上一缕绚丽的光彩,因为人的一生只有不断奉献,不断努力,不断追求,时刻记住0026ldquo;人人为我,我为人人0026rdquo;这句话,才能让自己的一生不白白浪费掉。我们活着就要活得有价值!
谦逊的巴金爷爷在信中认为自己浪费了不少时间,其实他一直都在不断努力学习,不断释放自己的光彩,不断贡献出自己的精力,为文学,为社会作出了巨大的贡献。他其实是希望我们这些祖国的未来,鲜艳的花朵能够如信中所说的那样0026ldquo;人活着不是为了白吃干饭,我们活着就是要给我们生活其中的社会添上一点光彩。0026rdquo;是呀,我们前面有无比宽广的道路,我们心中有那么多纯洁美好的爱心,我们身上有那么多充沛的精力,这些不都是我们为祖国为他人做贡献的充分准备吗?所以,爱惜我们可以使用的宝贵时间吧,用这些时间去帮助 需要帮助的人,相信你的生命也会开花结果的!

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I am holding a language book , relish reading Lesson 17: “Youth runtu oakley sunglasses for sale”, that kind of leap soil admiration involuntary show it.
Gosh !
Fowler , see melons !
That I had been longing for life ah !
I was in the city, the city , everything ‘s prosperity , everything illusion is so superficial boring.
City people ‘s intrigue and power in exchange for money .
In rural areas where people’s be honest , though poor and working all day , but happy .

Today, I watched “Young runtu ” this text, see the 0026 ldquo; they do not know something, when Run soil at the beach , they were with me , only to see the yard high wall corners of the sky.
0026 rdquo; days when I looked up , oh , no, the ceiling , I could feel as I do and Run soil , but to pay more than his confinement layer only.

Oh !
See it !
Our city is so prosperous , they shut us all prosperity in the 0026 ldquo; cell 0026 rdquo; Lane 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; anyone can freely marching barefoot streams, swimming in the stream where ?
0026 ldquo; not allowed to go out , gave me obediently at home review.
0026 rdquo; alas !
Really looking forward to a student revolution ah.
Its city kids oakley sunglasses in the city when a wolf dressed in human skin —– ( now vintage oakley sunglasses will not , perhaps the future will be ) , as in the mountain village when an innocent child who grew up when
an industrious Anfen girl.
Looking at the city that all the intrigues , the patch of gray sky looked out the window , I sighed deeply .
Of course , not to say that people in town are not good , just wanted to remind the big people, you not only pay attention on business 0026 rdquo ; sued 0026 ldquo; rate , but also at home and limit our freedom to build the threshold so high
, do not you tired?
I believe you are wise , but it used to ask you to put our heads that a pale , gray sky becomes blue , okay ?

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pity , admiration , Review , historical

—— Read “My uncle , Mr. Lu Xun ”

Man for himself and for all , Chores not complain.
This is my first impression of Mr. Lu Xun , today I read “My uncle , Mr. Lu Xun ,” this text, to the great writer have a deeper understanding , he is not only a great writer , it is a revolutionary .


Lu oakley sunglasses wholesale Xun ‘s original name was Zhou Shuren , Lu Xun only his pseudonym , his life changed the many pen name because his published works, many of the elements are strongly criticized at the time of the reactionary forces , so he works very
difficult to publish the name of Lu Xun out .
His life is spent in the battle with the enemy and a pen with text bold powerful blow to the forces of darkness , his works everywhere are revealing his dissatisfaction with the old society .
But oakley sunglasses women, such a great writer , but early away from us , how can as people deplore it?


0026 ldquo; thousand pointing fingers, bow willing to Confucian son cow 0026 rdquo ;.
Descendants of Mr. Lu has boundless admiration, he is a huge flashing on the literary brilliance of the pearl , like a meteor in general Although gone, but his dazzling beauty fleeting , but it is stamped in
people’s minds .
However, compared to the relative literary superstar Personally, I think he is more like a kindly father , helping countless young people broke into the literary world of literature , great success .
The female writer Xiao Hong is a representative.
Her father , as the Lu Xun , Lu Xun also regarded as her own daughter , trying to care , care for her.
Under the guidance of Lu Xun , Xiao Hong culture gradually sublimated , and ultimately fame.
Xiao Hong kept running in the literary world , and in these forward footprints , it is clear that there is a warm encouragement and hard sweat an old man .
This is Lu Xun .

Looking back , history

Looking back on history , my mind gradually emerge out of a historical figure : Sun Bin , humiliation , wrote of classics 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” Art of War” ; Qian, Gouqietousheng , prison miracles 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” Historical Records”
; the contrary, Pang Juan was jealous , amputation Sun Bin knees , so he endured the pain of ordinary people can not endure ; versa , Emperor duffers , no conscience to the Sima Qian off to jail , and make him miserable by castration .
However, such a 0026 ldquo; Sun Bin 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; Sima Qian 0026 rdquo; our classics 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” Art of War” ; Qian, Gouqietousheng , prison miracles 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” Historical Records” ; contrary, Pang Juan jealous before , amputation
Sun Bin knees , so he endured the pain of ordinary people can not endure ; versa , Emperor duffers , no conscience to the Sima Qian off to jail , and that he oakley antix sunglasses badly affected by castration .
However, such a 0026 ldquo; Sun Bin 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; Sima Qian 0026 rdquo; Is it even less ?
Our eyes is such a character , he is like a torch in general, lit the peak fire people’s minds , people have become conscious of the 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, people to stand up against the dark forces and slaveholders .
If not , Mr. Lu Xun , then our lives will be spent in the disaster, although I do not know much about Lu Xun , but from the point of view of people worship his degree , his influence on us after 90 of these can be really not a lot ah

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after 1946 from the first computer was created , the world of IT began continuous improvement, continuous promotion.
Today , we can say every household has a computer , while its usefulness is not to calculate , is used to the Internet .

This Wednesday , join us on a related network activity classes , Liu took us to explore the Internet in the end is more good than harm , or more harm than good , so this lesson ‘s theme is “Network pros and cons .”
oakley sunglasses men

In class, the teacher gave us a set of information and data .
From the information in the display , there are many people facing the monitor for a long time , fatigue and leads to sudden death phenomenon.
We know from the data in more than 3000 million Chinese Internet users, young Internet users reached 6,000,000 .
According to the city of Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences students sample survey shows that 64 percent of the students have Internet experience , and some of the network produces dependence , formed the 0026 ldquo; addiction 0026 rdquo ;.

Later, in order to further explore the themes we also launched a class exciting 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;. little debate competition

Now, I make a summary of this oakley restless sunglasses lesson :

Lee at the network :

1 flooded with too much information on the network , before we watch the news on TV newspaper , now seen on the network news , even before the second incident occurred after the second we can get the message .

2 network to make our lives more convenient.

3 online game appeared greatly enrich our leisure life.

If there is no network, we would not be so in a timely manner about these , you can not know the reason the whole story for the first time ; If there is no network , we are still a reality in oakley juliet infighting tortured , many minds only in my heart.

Disadvantages :

1 network on all kinds of news , good or bad enemy, severely affected our judgment.

2 network so that our lives are too convenient.
Many people over-reliance on the network.

3 online games has become an important factor leading to youth fallen .
Many students too obsessed with online games, games, and thus can not distinguish reality , academic performance plummeted.

If there is no network, we can rest assured that watch news programs on TV, in a comment on the news in real premise and things ; If there is no network , a lot of what is possible , we will personally do to enhance our initiative and motivation
; If there is no network , many young people may put more time spent on learning .

By learning this lesson , I know :

Network is a double-edged sword , the network for users to bring all sorts of positive role, its negative effects can go hand in hand .

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